Two months ago, sisters took in tiny puppies they found in a cardboard box

Now the little ones were handsome!
One day, on her way back from work, the girl heard strange noises coming from the side of the bushes. She immediately approached the place and found an ordinary box that contained five tiny puppies. The babies, who had apparently been born quite recently, were jostling in the box and insistently looking for their mother. But she was nowhere to be found.

The girl immediately contacted her friend who works at the shelter and asked to place the puppies at least one night until they could be taken to a temporary shelter in the morning. Helpers from the shelter came to her rescue — sisters named Lena and Katya. Neither in the morning nor a day later, no one came to pick up the little ones. Lena and Katya didn’t leave the babies to their fate and continued to take care of them, which was actually quite difficult.

The girls had to feed the puppies every three hours from an eyedropper, stroke their bellies, and change the warmers underneath them for warm ones. After a week the fluffy pups learned to hold bottles with a special formula with their paws. In addition, they could hear the people who were nursing them.

Katya and Lena did their best to make the pups get stronger and healthier, but unfortunately one of them was so weak that he did not survive.

The girls diligently cared for the four babies and waited for them to finally open their eyes. At three weeks of age, the puppies still fit in the palm of their hands, but despite their small size, they were already running around the house and trying to bark as adult dogs do.

This is how the babies looked when they were a month and a half old.

Thank you to the kind people who saved these babies!

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Two months ago, sisters took in tiny puppies they found in a cardboard box
A kind man searched the whole neighborhood to get the puppies back their mom