A man found six little bald puppies in the woods. Care and love made them real beauties

Love and caring always bring color.
One cold December morning, a man was walking through the woods and found six little bald puppies. The poor things looked awful and were snuggling up to each other for warmth. It was clear their mom wasn’t around and they wouldn’t last long in those conditions. According to The Dodo, the man took the pups to a local Alabama shelter and placed them in the hands of specialists. The veterinarians were shocked by the condition of their new patients and could not even identify the breed. They assumed they were Cocker Spaniels, but how wrong they were!

Last December, a concerned passerby brought six bald puppies to the Alabama state shelter.

Shelter staff were shocked by the condition of the animals and immediately began treating them. The babies had practically no fur, and their skin was cracked and beginning to peel.

The veterinarians presumed they were small breed dogs

The puppies were found to have scabies, and were also emaciated and very cold. It was hard to tell from their appearance what breed they were. The specialists weighed them and decided that they were little cocker spaniels.

The babies were treated for scabies and given to a foster family, where they were then nurtured and cared for.

The puppies began to heal and grow back their fur little by little. The new owners continued to give them medical treatments and fatten them up. They were actively gaining weight and after a while it became clear that they were not cocker spaniels.

The vets could not say for sure what breed these beauties were and did a DNA test.

Turned out to be purebred Pyrenean mountain dog pups

Dogs of this breed are impressive in size and have excellent herding skills. On average, they grow up to 70 centimeters at the withers and weigh up to 50 kilograms.

The new owners showed how the pups had grown in just a couple of months

Now it’s hard to believe they were little bald lumps

These puppies surprised everyone with their incredible transformation. Now they are beautiful, active and very happy. All this thanks to a concerned passerby, shelter specialists and caring owners.

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A man found six little bald puppies in the woods. Care and love made them real beauties
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