7 photos proving that cats can be loyal

You can drown in their gaze.
Everyone knows that cats live by themselves and are not at all loyal. But this does not apply to all pets. There are among the meowing brethren loyal individuals who break common stereotypes. As a proof of these words we offer you to look at our selection.

This cat does not like cuddling. But when the little owner was discharged from the hospital, the little fluffy cat slept on her pillow for three days straight

Such sincere expressions of love

Morning kisses

A cat named Max was taken from the shelter. The next day, Murzyk did not want to get off his owner’s lap, and he sat there for four whole hours. When they tried to put him on the floor, he meowled pitifully.

Every time the owners come home in the evening, they see this picture

The kitten was just taken from the shelter yesterday and hasn’t left her side all day

The look of a faithful dog

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7 photos proving that cats can be loyal
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