A homeless pit bull saved a girl from a criminal. But unfortunately he was badly hurt himself.

The little hero
Dogs are great defenders by nature. They are always ready to help their master or owner.

But what if a dog doesn’t have an owner?

We want to tell you about a real hero who lived on the streets in the American state of Georgia. He had no master, no home.

One day this stray pit bull had to witness one simply horrific scene. An aggressive man attacked a passing woman. The dog instantly stood up for her. But the perpetrator was holding a knife…

Unfortunately, the attacker wounded the dog that rushed at him. He inflicted five stab wounds on it. When police officers, Officer Daniel Sealy and Sergeant Timothy Clay arrived on the scene, the intrepid dog was already bleeding and in serious condition. The woman who was rescued by the pit bull told all about how she was protected by the unfamiliar dog.

However, the situation required immediate action. After all, the pit bull was dying. The police did their best to get him to a veterinary hospital as quickly as possible. Immediate action was taken to save the dog. Within a few days the first signs of recovery appeared.

During treatment, the vets saw that the stray dog had many other injuries and illnesses. It is most likely that the street dog had suffered a lot from evil people.

The dog was named a Hero for his brave act. The woman he rescued (named Carla Welch) paid for the pit bull’s treatment. And when he fully recovered, she took Hero in.

But due to certain circumstances the doggy could not live with her. Then Carla started looking for a new family for him. And it turned out that a lot of people wanted to take the dog. But he ended up with Sarah and David Simpson. Now the couple are happy. After all, a real Hero lives with them!

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A homeless pit bull saved a girl from a criminal. But unfortunately he was badly hurt himself.
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