An Australian dolphin missed humans so much that when they returned he started bringing them gifts from the ocean

Dolphins are known to be highly intelligent. They are also characterised by «social awareness» and emotional empathy. These facts are known to many. Have you heard that dolphins can sometimes miss people?

Let us tell you about a dolphin from the Barnacles Dolphin Centre in Queensland, Australia. During the quarantine period one of the dolphins began to miss the volunteers so much that when they returned he began to bring them his «treats» from the bottom of the ocean. And they gave him all the tasty treats.

The dolphin’s nickname is Mystique. Of all the dolphins here, he is the only ‘giver’. He is famous for it all over the centre and also on the web.

Pictured here are the dolphins from Barnacles Dolphin Centre.

The dolphins missed people while the quarantine was going on. But now the restrictions have been lifted. And on Saturday afternoon, May 16, the doors of a local cafe opened. The beach is now open, too. And the dolphins are allowed to feed there.

Of all the congeners, the 29-year-old Mystique yearned for human friends more than any other. And he’s come up with something unusual.

He gives people presents from the bottom of the ocean. The Mystique keeps things on his nose or in his mouth. He then throws them to where people are. He is shouted back that he has thrown them far away, so bring them here. And the dolphin picks the present with its nose again and brings it closer.

The volunteers at the centre have even amassed a small collection of these gifts from Mystique.

Of course, there are no true treasures here, but the intention itself is valuable! And no one has scrutinised the bottles lifted from the water. Or maybe they’ve been lying at the bottom for a very long time! Also shells and corals would look much more beautiful if they were cleaned of sediment.

For its kindness the dolphin gets tasty treats.

And the tasty fish is very happy for him. The amazing thing is that nobody taught the dolphin this trick. He figured out on his own that people would like it.

The unusual ceremony lasts about a week.

The do-gooder nicknamed Mystique will probably start finding a lot more meaningful stuff later, but for now it’s just a first try for him.

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An Australian dolphin missed humans so much that when they returned he started bringing them gifts from the ocean
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