While the girl was waiting for the bus, a stray dog came up to her and grabbed her by the scarf

He hugged her with his paws, not wanting to let her go.
Each of us remembers how a little shaggy little miracle appeared in the house, which changed our lives forever. Olga shared her story by telling us about a dog named Archie.

The pet came into the family girl unexpectedly. She was just waiting for her bus at the bus stop, when a life-changing encounter occurred. A stray dog approached Olya, stood on its hind legs and grabbed her by the scarf, pulling the girl aside. Following him, she walked away from the bus stop, not understanding what the pet wanted from her. At this time, the right bus left and Olga had to walk home.

The dog kept up, following the girl. However, he had already let the scarf out of his mouth by that time.

The pet led the girl all the way home. She felt sincerely sorry for the mongrel, so she brought him some food. The dog ate, and then hugged Olga with his long paws, not wanting to let go. Her heart squeezed and she realized that she should not leave her dog in the street.

Olga took the dog home and introduced him to her cats, Fufa and Zara, and her dachshund, Basya. When she saw that the newcomer got along well with everyone, she realized that she would keep him to live with her. So Archie came into the family as well.

The street dog turned out to be very smart. He happily and easily learns commands and plays with his new owner.

Archie must have sensed back then, at the bus stop, that it was His Man in front of him, and decided to act! Thanks to the dog’s cunning and the girl’s kindness, there is one less mongrel on the city streets.

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While the girl was waiting for the bus, a stray dog came up to her and grabbed her by the scarf
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