The kitten froze against the wall, ants were crawling all over it, but the crumb was trying with all its might to survive…

To tears 🥺
There are a lot of animals roaming the streets, but we pay special attention to some of them. A guy passing by this little kitten couldn’t help but stop. The stray was just one of hundreds… But he had a special place in the guy’s soul!

Skinny, with dozens of ants crawling in his fur, motionless — a 4-week-old kitten as if frozen in the stream of passers-by. Those who leave and disappear forever…

That day a guy from New South Wales, Australia, rescued a kitten named Guy (Latin for «joy»). He carefully picked it up from the sidewalk, shook the ants off its fur as far as possible, and picked up the phone.

The guy already had one rescued cat at home, so the passerby knew exactly where to call. The CatRescue 901 Rescue Team responded instantly — and there’s an eyedropper on his way to meet the volunteers!

«Guy only weighed 217 grams when we found him. He was four weeks old, so he must have weighed at least 500 grams,» Jenny Stocker, co-director of CatRescue 901, marveled.

That night, people full of hope to save the little life didn’t take a step away from the crumb, constantly keeping the weak calf warm and providing it with water. They knew that the next 24 hours would be crucial, whether the baby would survive or not…

It took 24 hours — and, luckily, we already have a completely different kitty in front of us! In such a short time Guy has gained 25% of his own weight — an amazing result, possible only through careful care and good nutrition).

It was obvious that this skinny little guy had started a powerful struggle within himself and now he needed support.

«He’s eating and gaining weight. We’re being treated for feline flu with very little medication, and even his eyes are already looking much better,» reports a pleased Jenny.

Take a look, the little fighter is the size of a palm, but with a heart as big as a lion’s!

At this stage the most important thing is to eat well and spend more time in the warm arms of caring people. And already after 4 days — plus 124 grams).

Now remember, when Guy was brought here, he couldn’t even move. Now he’s unrecognizable!

But even though the baby is growing, he’s still too small.

Only now he is a young explorer and little adventurer. Leave such a bully alone for a minute — he will gladly smash up some structure!)

«You see it getting stronger day by day,» Jenny says.

A sad fate awaited him… But a regular guy paid attention to him — and now little Guy lives happily in a foster home!

«He’s had a long journey, but he’s much better now,» says his rescuer. -Let’s go, Guy. You’re an amazing little guy!»

After such stories, one can’t help but think that it is in our power to give someone such desired help…

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The kitten froze against the wall, ants were crawling all over it, but the crumb was trying with all its might to survive…
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