Shuddering at every rustle and hiding in the corner: who needs a dog who’s afraid of everything?

I’m crying.
Most of the dogs at the Fulton County shelter try to attract the attention of visitors by barking loudly and wagging their tails. Only a stray dog named Iris behaves differently.

The little dog tries to be invisible and shoves her nose as far into the corner as possible…

After two years on the streets of Georgia, the poor thing could not adjust to life in a noisy shelter. Frightened Iris and her sister, Narcissus, caught the eye of one of the volunteers, Lauren-Anne Dooley. The girl told the pets on the sotset and began to hope for the best.

Iris is afraid even of her own shadow. Even though she allows herself to be petted, she still hides her nose in the corner of the room. The baby does not respond to the offered treats, as if food did not interest her at all.

Fortunately, Lauren-Ann’s message on social media caught the attention of rescuers. A foster family was immediately found for sister Iris, but things were not so easy for our heroine.

It was only a former veterinarian named Lyn who, after seeing the dog’s photo, wanted to help her. The girl talked to her husband and decided to take the animal for herself. She knew very well how to take care of a dog who was afraid of everything, refused to eat, and on top of that, suffered from heartworm…

Once in her new home, Iris hid in a corner again and stayed like that all night, not moving.

For two days nothing changed. The little girl still thought the corner was the safest place in the world. But there was something that pleased the dog’s new owner. Iris began to hide in different corners of the house, and even began to choose among them more comfortable and cozy. ?

The doggie has been sitting more and more in the corner of the room where the mistress works. Now the girl can sit at the computer next to the animal, and it seems to her that Iris will soon get used to the fact that the mistress is always somewhere nearby.

Poor thing just does not realize that from a person can emanate warmth and affection.

By the way, Iris has a buddy, a golden retriever named Letty. He tries to help his new girlfriend to get used to life in the house.

And although Iris is still very timid, she is grateful for a plate of delicious food, which is brought by a caring mistress. Little by little she begins to realize that being a dog isn’t so bad, especially if you’re so loved! ?

The owner realizes that Iris needs time and is willing to wait as long as she wants! One day the dog will stop being afraid, and may that day come sooner rather than later.

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Shuddering at every rustle and hiding in the corner: who needs a dog who’s afraid of everything?
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