The dog was tied to the sink and left forever

How can you do that?
How? How could you do that to a living creature?! When you read this gruesome story, that’s all you can think about. Even if you are tired of your dog, give it to a shelter or call a volunteer for advice. But you can’t do this to your pet in this cruel way!

One day the building manager walked into an apartment whose tenants had been evicted a week earlier for nonpayment of rent. As he walked through the rooms, he heard a quiet whimpering sound. He went into the bathroom and saw a poor little dog tied to a pipe under the sink. The dog was flailing around on the leash, so much so that it twisted and slammed into his neck, and the poor animal was wheezing in pain.

There was a bowl in front of the poor girl with the rest of the cereal in it, but she couldn’t reach it because of the twisted leash. The water had long since been drunk. The animal had spent about a week in this deplorable condition. The dog looked incredibly emaciated, which in general was surprising how it was still alive.

The man immediately released the baby and saw a terrible wound on her neck. He wrote a post on Facebook and asked for help for the little dog. He got a response from Kate’s Rescue for Animals, an animal rescue organization. They came right away and took the little girl to the veterinary clinic. There, the doggie was operated on and her wound was stitched up. The vet said that judging by the lesion, the poor thing had been sitting under the sink for much more than a week. Apparently the owners had kept her there tethered all the time.

The baby was named Otem, which translates to «autumn.» Even in spite of all the grief caused by humans, the doggie had not lost her faith in people and had not even become angry. She was affectionate to everyone, and constantly wagged her tail. And the baby constantly asked to be petted, it was evident that in the past life it did not know caresses at all.

After her surgery, she was taken in by a young volunteer, Christine Schamber. When she recovers fully, they are looking for good owners for her, so they will not harm this long-suffering creature.

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The dog was tied to the sink and left forever
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