To the point of tears: the kitty came to its owner’s grave every day

I’m sobbing.
The story is sad and touching!

One day Keli Keninhau, who lives on the Indonesian island of Java, was walking to his home. When he passed by the cemetery, he saw a strange picture. A cat was sitting by one tombstone.

It was obvious from everything that this cat was not here by chance, but came here on purpose or even lived here. So Keli decided to leave food and water for it.

A day later history repeated itself. The man saw the cat again, next to the same grave stone. The animal had not touched the food or the water. Keli wondered why the cat was acting so strangely. He decided to keep an eye on it for as long as possible. Especially as it did not look like a stray.

The next day, the cat was sitting in the same spot again. And although Keli undertook different things, she showed up at the cemetery every day with constant persistence.

Keli was simply intrigued and began to gather information about this mystery cat. He found out that her owner had died a short time ago. He had been buried in this cemetery. The faithful animal has been coming to visit him every day since.

For a whole year now, every day in all weathers, the cat has been sitting by its former owner’s grave. Apparently, its bond with its owner was so strong that it cannot be broken even today.

Keli has not stopped caring for this amazing creature. He still brings food and drink here. And he himself never ceases to be amazed at the great love between man and animal.

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To the point of tears: the kitty came to its owner’s grave every day
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