A girl took a kitten from a shelter in 1989 and never thought it would make history

Did you know that there are long-livers not only people, but also animals? So, Velvet, a Maine Coon cat, lived 26 years! It is as if he «lasted» two lifespan of an ordinary cat. If this figure translated into «human standards», then count 182 years.

In 2016, the name of Velvet was entered in the famous «Guinness Book of Records» as the oldest living at that time of all felines. However, Velvet still did not beat the record of a cat named Cream Puff, who lived as long as 38 years!

Velvet was raised by a girl named Eschelle Reed Okure from Oregon (a state in the United States). Back in 1989, she was seven years old. And Velvet was born on August 1 of that year and was in an orphanage. Ashley took him from there.

She herself, of course, did not expect that this little kitty would live under her care for so long. And at the same time would witness many important events in her life.

For example, Ashley had grown up over the years, finished school, then college. And even got married.

Velvet was healthy, active and… naughty until his last days. He liked to pamper and play. Nor did he give up his most favorite pastime: hunting mice.

Reed, his owner, believes that the cat lived so many years because he was constantly released to go for walks outside. Also, Velvet’s nails have never been trimmed. And Ashley also fed her pet low-protein food.

True, when Velvet turned 20, he was no longer as eager to go outside as before. Not so many hours spent there. Somewhat lost his agility in catching mice. At night he always slept only in bed with his masters. He was always up at five o’clock in the morning, regularly waking up everyone else.

The Velvet, despite its large size and natural adaptation to the harsh, cold climate, loved affection and tenderness. He enjoyed lounging in his owner’s arms, and Reed was sure to caress him while doing so. Also, the cat didn’t mind a long time in the sun.

Velvet passed away in 2016. The former orphanage resident had a long, quiet, and very happy life. Many of his congeners would have envied such a life.

The owners always remember their Velvet with great warmth.

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A girl took a kitten from a shelter in 1989 and never thought it would make history
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