The most faithful friend: a dog swam to shore for 11 hours to save his master

We are more important to them than our own lives
A German Shepherd dog was found early this morning in Morton Bay, which is in Australia. She was discovered by a local fisherman. The dog, named Heidi, was floating near a box containing fishing gear and other items. The man retrieved the exhausted animal from the water and immediately reported her to the Coast Guard.

An hour later, boats, a jet ski and a helicopter arrived at the location. The rescuers and coast guard understood that a boat with people on it had sunk somewhere nearby.

Heidi was safely landed, but she could not sit still and kept trying to get back in the water. She seemed eager to show the rescuers where the people were. It took several hours for rescue workers to find the 63-year-old owner of the dog, who was hanging on to the edge of the boat with the last of his strength and almost completely gone under the water.

Later, the man said that at some point he lost control of the boat, which began to sink. Soon the situation got out of control, and the boat threw the pet and the owner in different directions. Due to the large number of things floating on the surface of the water, the man lost sight of Heidi.

According to the police report, the sheepdog spent a full eleven hours in the water trying to call for help. Overcome by sheer exhaustion, she continued to swim and miraculously survived to save her owner. Soon Heidi’s owner was reunited with his pet. Fortunately, none of them were hurt.

The man admitted he had hoped the whole time he was in the water that his pet would call for help. He is extremely grateful to Heidi for his rescue.

The sheepdog received an award: Heidi is now an honorary police dog. In addition, she was given lots of treats as praise for her heroism.

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The most faithful friend: a dog swam to shore for 11 hours to save his master
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