The children tied a rope to the puppy and dragged him along the asphalt…

Why is there so much cruelty in them?
Olga was returning home from work when she noticed a crowd of children dragging something tied to a rope in the yard. When she came closer, she was horrified by the picture she saw. The boys had tied up the puppy and were «walking» it along the road. Olga took the poor baby out of the hands of the juvenile fiends and brought it home. It turned out to be a little girl, who was not even a month old. Moreover, the baby was missing one front leg. You can see that the animal was born with such a defect.

Olga could not keep the puppy, but decided to put her in good hands. She posted pictures of the baby in social networks and waited for people to respond. Many people were not frightened by the baby’s defect and were willing to take her. But the girl wanted to find a better owner for the girl with three legs and chose among the various applicants for a long time.

When Olga saw the message from Natalia, she realized that this was the girl who could truly love the puppy and take good care of it.

The little girl moved to a new home and was named Aiza. The doggie grew up to be very smart, affectionate and obedient. She adores her owner and pleases her every day. Natalya surrounds her dog with love and care.

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The children tied a rope to the puppy and dragged him along the asphalt…
In rescuing this «monster,» they risked their lives because they did not know who was in front of them.