Old skinny cat on the street, but he was saved by love

Spot is an affectionate nickname given to this cat. He has lived on the streets for a long time. All of his 11 years. But he probably hasn’t seen any kindness from the people around him. That’s evidenced by his appearance. The cat was living hard indeed.

Then he was taken in by the kind people at a British organisation called the Lichfield and Tamworth Branch of Cats Protection, which is dedicated to rescuing animals.

The volunteers were shocked when they saw his scrawny body, dirty hair that was dotted with fleas and ears swollen with infection. The cat’s rotten teeth were in addition to the depressing picture…

The leaders of the organisation wanted to help him. But they could not find the money they needed for the treatment. So they turned to all the people who cared. Many people, hearing the story of poor Pyotný, responded and sent money. They managed to collect not only money for treatment, but also for grooming.

The happy volunteers called the cat’s miraculous transformation a feline version of the Cinderella fairy tale. So much so that the formerly homeless cat has changed.

He went from being a battered, miserable and sickly street cat to a beautiful animal. He has been vaccinated and received therapeutic treatment. Spot was also treated for his teeth and ears, which were deformed. They were operated on. Finally, he was fattened up properly. The skinny cat gained weight, his coat shone.

Yes, the bodily wounds gradually healed. But the mental ones have not yet healed. The only cure here is time, care and kindness.

Volunteers say Pyatnyshko is an affectionate cat, but he asks for warmth and love. However, his eyes are still sad.

It is understandable that an older cat would like to have a permanent home and a good owner. Then he can live happily for a few more years after his miserable, lonely existence on the streets!

Let’s wish him to find what he needs the most at the moment.

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Old skinny cat on the street, but he was saved by love
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