Girls rescued a dog and its 9 puppies that had been abandoned in a parking lot

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The moment Dory the dog became the mother of nine adorable puppies, she felt more than ever the need to be cared for by her owner. But unfortunately, Dory and her little babies were left outside in the parking lot.

The frightened mother realized that she would not be able to protect her babies without help. Fortunately, that help came.

Misty Borger learned of Dori’s incredibly difficult situation after a photo of her dog and her pups was posted online. Without delay, Borger contacted her friend Urban, and together they went to the location where Dory and her babies were found.

Upon arrival, they noticed Dory surrounded by her nine pups.

The cubs were only two weeks old, and even though Dori was doing her best to keep them safe, it became apparent that she needed help.

Seeing that Dory needed medical attention, Borger and Urban decided to take her and the pups to the vet for an examination and necessary treatment.

Dory was found to have some injuries, including open wounds, but fortunately they were all treatable.

But the vet found that the condition of one of the babies was extremely serious and could no longer be saved.

The loss of the puppy shook the whole family deeply, but thanks to the diligence, love and dedication of the rescuers, Dory and her eight remaining cubs had the opportunity to heal and regain faith in the future.

Overcoming painful trials and tragedies, the little family finally found safety. They found the opportunity to enjoy companionship and show their love for each other without fear of what the next day might bring.

Three of Dory’s puppies quickly found new homes, where they were surrounded by love and care, and now live happy lives.

Dory, along with the rest of the puppies, are still in the care of their new mom, Borger, and are enjoying every moment spent together. The five remaining puppies are actively looking for their new owners and we are sure that very soon they will find new families and start their new exciting lives.

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Girls rescued a dog and its 9 puppies that had been abandoned in a parking lot
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