16 people who didn’t want pets and now can’t imagine life without them

These people were against pets. But as soon as these furry and tailed ones appeared in their home, everything was turned upside down and now they can’t live without them. And this love is mutual. Because our animals always love us no matter what. Beware, if you don’t have pets, this post may cause an enduring feeling of getting one.

«‘Never let a dog in my car, much less in my bed,’ my dad used to say. Pictured is my dad.»


«My 79-year-old dad used to declare, «I don’t want that damn cat!» Now every night he takes her to his place to sleep.»


«That damn dog will never stay in my house!» — declared my mother.»


«Found a lost dog and left it at my parents’ house while I look for its owner. An hour later my mom sent me this photo.»


«My dad never wanted a cat, and today he’s asking me to turn off the water in the bathroom. Because he can’t get up.»


«My dad always told me how much he hated my cat. I came to visit him for a holiday and found them like this.»


«My stepfather swore we’d never get a dog. And then yesterday he took home this beauty who followed him right home.»


«My dad, who «hates cats» and «will never have a cat in his house,» wouldn’t let go of our kitten.»


«My dad is not a dog person at all. Here’s how he took my dog to the beach.»


«My dad hated cats, and now they watch TV together.»


«We’ll never get a dog,» my mother said for the last 20 years.


«My dad won’t admit it, but I think he likes the kittens that live at my sister’s.»


«Meet Fletcher! I never dreamed of having a cat, and now I’m worried what I’ll do if he suddenly goes missing.»


«When he was a puppy, my mom didn’t even want to touch him. Now she makes him sweet potatoes every day.»


«My dad hated cats and got really mad when I brought home a kitten. Just three years later, he shows her videos while she sits on his lap. And they sleep together.»


«My dad doesn’t like cats, and now he claims my sister’s kitten is his property.»


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16 people who didn’t want pets and now can’t imagine life without them
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