Funny cats — charming creatures that will make you smile! 12 hilarious photos of whiskers and stripes!

These adorable creatures know how to cheer up at any moment. Fluffy and smooth-haired, red and black, big and small — they are simply inimitable!

Funny cats are able to surprise us with their behavior, habits and actions that no one expects from them. They know how to make us smile even when we feel sad, when it is raining outside and our mood is like a gray autumn day.


Funny obayan cats, they make us fall in love with them at first sight. That’s why we forgive them when we catch them doing ugly things like ruining shoes or scratching furniture. Funny mustachioed animals, they know how to manipulate us into giving them the tastiest treat and even sharing our favorite pillow.

These funny cats and kittens appear to us in the most ridiculous situations and in the most unexpected places — in the bathroom, toilet, on the curtain, in the closet and on the bookshelf.


We find them hovering in the air, quietly stealing sausages from the plate, lying on an expensive dress, and sleeping peacefully on freshly torn toilet paper. They manage to mischief, but instead of punishing the pets, we can’t stay mad at them for long and just take them in our arms and pet them.

It’s very simple: we love them and we know for sure that they, these funny and cute cats, love us with all their soul. Even if their love is not expressed the way we would like it to be.

Here’s a selection of 12 funny photos that are sure to make you laugh and marvel at what our favorite kitties can do!

#1 «Sorry to cut the line. I’m just asking!»


#2 Bad example is contagious!


No. 3 «Oh, my goodness! Tuna for dinner!»


No. 4 The catcopter is ready to land!


No. 5 Here we go… No dinner!


No. 6 Yes, yes, I always have exactly this face when I really like something!


No. 7 I’m already awake, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything!


No. 8 Visited a new beauty salon… On my head!


No. 9 «Murka! Grab a sausage while I’m on the lookout!»


No. 10 «Well, I’ve ruined the couch, peeled off the wallpaper, now I can take a nap!»


No. 11 «Landlord, where’s the M.I.U. note?


No. 12 «Thank you! Those chicken legs were especially delicious!»


Here they are, our cats are funny, cute, mischievous and spontaneous!

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Funny cats — charming creatures that will make you smile! 12 hilarious photos of whiskers and stripes!
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