A wonderful story about a huge feline heart that is ready to warm and comfort absolutely everyone

Radamenes, a black angelic kitty who lives in Bydgoszcz, Poland, has gone through fire, water and brass pipes to help other animals recover at the veterinary clinic. After being taken from the bony arms of death, the kitty is thankful to be around other animals, massaging them, petting them, and even licking wounds and post-op stitches.

Lucina Kuzel Zavalich, a doctor at the Bydgoszcz Veterinary Clinic, says that Radamenes came to them at the end of September or beginning of October. His owners did everything to make the animal suffer unbearably. The little kitten was less than two months old and already had a stomach infection, almost incompatible with life. The fur was shedding and the disease began to spread throughout his body.

Radamenes almost didn’t stand a chance.

Lucina couldn’t help but try, and together with the other vets, they placed the little lump indoors, isolating it from the other animals. The baby couldn’t sleep at all and cried constantly. But the vets decided by all means to defeat the disease and give the kitten life.

The fight for the life of Radamenes lasted for several months. During this time, the kitty was sympathetic to the doctors and endured the painful vitamin injections and various IVs.

«His eyes were incredibly grateful to us,» says Isabella Sholginya, director of the veterinary clinic, with a shiver in her voice.


And so, after sleepless nights and nervous days, Radamenes became perfectly healthy. It would seem to be a wonderful story of human compassion and cat loyalty.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Apparently, the cat thought that since the vets helped him, he should help other patients at the vet clinic. Yes, yes, Radamenes is a full-time caregiver.

He does a wonderful job as a nurse. «He doesn’t care if it’s a dog or another cat, he just comes and sits with them. He nurses, cuddles and purrs in the animal’s ear, soothing them after surgeries,» Lucina shares.


This is a story of a huge golden cat’s heart, of human indifference and of boundless gratitude. Radamenes shows us humans that it doesn’t matter what we are, what matters is that we all need support and care. Let’s take his example and be a little more attentive to others, shall we?


The vets at the clinic even joke that the cat is a full-time nurse.


They call him their mascot.


Radamenes paid special attention to those who had major surgeries.


I guess cats don’t seem so cold and indifferent anymore after all that.


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A wonderful story about a huge feline heart that is ready to warm and comfort absolutely everyone
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