The skinny dog was kicked out on the street because of another puppy. But he was lucky to meet a new family

Don’t abandon your animals!
This story is about a black dog named Comet…

His owners threw him out of the house when he was no longer needed. And they bought themselves another pet, a little puppy.

It is possible that the «old» and the «little» just did not fit each other in character. Maybe so … But they couldn’t throw a 3-year-old pet out on the street to fend for itself. But the owners chose this way… That’s how the dog Comet became homeless.

No one knows how many days or even weeks the poor dog, experiencing constant hunger, wandered alone. He had already become quite thin, moreover, emaciated by the time he was seen and decided to take him in by kind people. Even Comet’s bones were visible through his thin skin. There were a lot of wounds on his body. And the general state of the dog was such that the heart was crushed with pity.

But the world is not without good people! And the dog was lucky. He ended up in a shelter for homeless animals. And that’s where they really started to take care of him.

When Kometa first arrived at the shelter, the staff immediately took pictures of him. They wanted to save these pictures for history, and then to compare how Kometa would be after he was nurtured and fed.

Moreover, the volunteers posted these pictures on social networks. They also hoped: maybe the owners of the dog would see their former pet and take pity on him.

Alas, this miracle did not happen. However, others noticed the dog and decided to take Comet to themselves.

So the dog has people who are ready to give him their love and care.

But moving to a new home will not happen soon. Comet must be treated. After starvation on the streets he must put on weight. Then his wounds still need to be healed. But everyone understands that this is a temporary reprieve. Volunteers have no doubt that over the Christmas holidays the dog will be at home with those people who have come to love him from the bottom of their hearts!

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The skinny dog was kicked out on the street because of another puppy. But he was lucky to meet a new family
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