Husky rescued seven kittens abandoned in a box in the woods

This brave Husky dog named Banner is rightfully called a hero, or rather a heroine. While walking through the woods, Banner found a box with kittens, which someone had hidden away in the bushes.

And not just discovered, but led her mistress to this place.

Whitney, 30, is disabled and gets around in a wheelchair. Banner is her companion dog and special assistant. On July 3, she was walking Banner near a grove near her home in Menlo, Georgia, USA.


Banner had been acting a little restless that morning, but on the walk she became really upset and began pulling her owner in one particular direction toward the bushes. The dog was so disturbed that she grabbed Whitney by the edge of her dress and tugged at it.

Whitney decided to listen to the dog and Banner led her to a cardboard box standing between the trees. The box was in such a place that it was impossible to see it from the path, someone was trying to hide it deeper. And when Whitney opened the box, she was surprised to see several kittens inside, very small and still alive.


Whitney brought the box of kittens into the house and Banner immediately began to move around, licking the kittens and trying to take them in her mouth and move them to what she thought was a more comfortable place. All in all, the dog acted as if she were the mother of the babies.


«When she got anxious, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I told her to shut up and sit down, she usually listens to me, but this time it wasn’t like that and I thought there must be a good reason for it,» says Whitney. «When I opened the box, Banner immediately stuck her face in and gently pulled out a white kitten.»


According to Whitney, the lid of the box was tightly closed. Someone definitely wanted to kill the babies, and by the time Whitney and Banner found them, they weren’t even meowing and were huddled together from the cold.


Whitney made the decision to feed the babies herself. She found them a nursing cat to feed them her milk as her own kittens, but Banner is always there and she sleeps with the kittens, too, keeping them warm.

«I’m very upset that someone ruthless did this to the kittens, but they’re doing well now and it warms my heart.»

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Husky rescued seven kittens abandoned in a box in the woods
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