A girl brought home a dirty kitten who couldn’t open her eyes and needed help

Poor little guy…
The kitty called Nimbus is a frail and small creature. But you shouldn’t judge her by her appearance. This little girl is just a fighter!

A young man named Gert Sam met Nimbus when she was so young she hadn’t even opened her eyes yet. And her body was covered with dirt and machine oil…

This kitty was found on the street by Sam’s girlfriend and brought to their house. The kitten was lying right on the road. To abandon her, to pass by was tantamount to condemning the newborn to certain death.

The young people immediately bathed the baby in the sink, washed off all the dirt. Then they turned on the heater and put it next to her. After all, the kitten was just shivering from the cold. And the skinny, weak, exhausted animal fell asleep right in Sam’s arms. Nimbus slept like that for almost an hour.

It should be noted that this young couple already had two dogs and two cats at home. That’s why the guys were hesitant to take in another furry pet.

Sam and his girlfriend placed the newcomer Nimbus away from the other pets. They wanted her to regain her strength sooner. They thought this would be her temporary home.

But then we realized that Nimbus wasn’t going anywhere. She liked everything about the place where she slept, the food, and the owners. She was doing everything she could to win Sam and the girl’s heart, the sly one. And she did it very skillfully.

When one day Sam thought of introducing Nimbus to the doggies who lived there, the first time he saw the kitty fluff out her fur was to appear both big and scary.

And the friendly dogs immediately guessed who was in charge here. Nimbus, indeed, was brave, courageous, persistent, and time after time she reclaimed territory, showing that she was the most important here.

True, the big dog Zep did not resist the cat. He immediately earned her trust, being a very kind creature. From the first day he began to comfort Nimbus, warming her with his body. And she immediately felt that she was safe.

After a while, the newcomer made friends with the other cats as well. After 1.5 months, she felt great in her new home. And it really became the nicest, native home for her.

Well, the baby was just very lucky!

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A girl brought home a dirty kitten who couldn’t open her eyes and needed help
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