A fearsome beauty: 10 funny photos of a Pallas’ cat that will make you smile

Predators are dangerous creatures, and no one would argue with that. But even the most formidable animal needs help when it is in trouble. Especially when it comes to a tiny baby, which, despite its claws and teeth, turns out to be vulnerable and cannot survive without humans.

That’s exactly what happened to a newborn baby Pallas’ cat, named Dasha, found in Siberia. The kitten, with a cute little face and wild temperament, was left without a mother, and only human kindness helped him to survive!


The little Pallas’ cat was found completely by accident. The kitty was hiding from everyone, and only the meow of the hungry creature helped to find the baby and save it from certain death.

Tiny Dasha was fed with a syringe and they made sure that the baby gained weight. By the way, when she was found, the kitty’s eyes were an unusual shade of green-gray, and a month later they changed their color and became amber.

Three months later, the little feline could be released into the wild, but the experts decided that Daria had to stay under the reserve’s supervision for a while longer. And only then the baby girl will go to adulthood and become the same unsociable, wild, but incredibly beautiful creature, like all her congeners!

And we offer you to admire the gorgeous Pallas’ cat, and we hope that 10 pictures will make you smile, because it’s impossible to treat this miracle of nature indifferently!


No. 1 «Give me the cutlet while I’m still kind!»


No. 2 «You don’t like my pedicure? Come closer and have a look!»


No. 3 Don’t wake the dash while it’s still quiet!


No. 4 — Look, people!

— Yeah… They must be delicious!


No. 5 «Do you have a question for me? Then make it short and clear!»


No. 6 «When I eat, I am deaf, mute, and …angry!»


No. 7 «Look me in the eye and tell me the truth!»


No. 8 When mentallxy in the Canary Islands, but in fact in Shepetivka.


No. 9 «Who’s ‘evil’? Am I evil?!»


No. 10 That feeling when the Petrovs are changing their fifth car, and you’re still walking around!



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A fearsome beauty: 10 funny photos of a Pallas’ cat that will make you smile
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