«Take me home!»: a little puppy who had been thrown away was rummaging in the dirt and garbage

People are so cruel.
Although animal advocates have repeatedly called upon people not to throw away their dogs, and shelters are actively supporting the movement, the number of stories of abandoned pets continues to grow. And so this micron-sized puppy has become the new victim of evil people…

Local residents found out about him by chance. One of them noticed a dog with frightened eyes near a garbage heap. Dirty and shivering with fear, the little one was sitting among the garbage and food waste.

By the way, finding the puppy was not easy at all. This completely abandoned part of the city looked like a maze of stone. Only after squeezing past the walls, thickets of bushes and dirty piles of garbage, the volunteer girl finally saw the tiny moving lump.

There was such horror in her beady eyes when she approached the puppy that one could immediately state: the doggie knew no kindness from humans.

The puppy was all shivering and cowering on a dirty, tattered sack of garbage. And when the girl took him in her arms, the little guy wagged his tail a little. He was happy to meet her. It was clear that the puppy immediately trusted the stranger.

He was brought to the shelter. We decided to name him Panda, given his white and black fur color. Panda was immediately fed with milk. He drank it greedily.

Then the foundling was bathed. It turned out to be his very first bath in life. Until then he had been living in the dirt at the dump.

All clean and cheerful Panda was ready to start a new life.

All this energetic pup needed was a home with caring owners. And then you can have no doubts about whether he will bestow his owners with his devotion and love? Of course, he will be their obedient and faithful friend.

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«Take me home!»: a little puppy who had been thrown away was rummaging in the dirt and garbage
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