5 very rare and unusual breeds of cats

There are many interesting cat breeds in the world, many of which you probably know. But there are some breeds whose names you’ve never even heard of.

Miskin — a rare breed, dwarf cats, she appeared in the late 90s. This unusual breed was obtained by crossing the Munchkin and Sphinkas, and later were added breeds Burma and Devon Rex. These cats are very peaceful and friendly, absolutely not jealous, so they get along great with a variety of other animals.



The Serengeti is also a relatively new breed, it appeared in 1994 as a result of crossing Oriental and Bengal cats. It inherited from them very unusual and interesting features, such as big ears and spotted color. This breed got its name from the Serengeti Reserve, Tanzania. They have a strong figure and long legs. This cat weighs an average of 8-12 kilograms. She has an inquisitive, peaceful and very playful nature.



Caracals were domesticated by people in Asia and Africa for hunting. They were a great help in hunting small game. The name «caracal» in Turkish literally means «black ears. These animals are quite intelligent and did not resist domestication, they are very docile, and quite suitable for living in the home. But they are still predators, so discipline and consistency in your actions is important for these animals, they also need activity, otherwise they will start to be naughty.



Turkish Angora
Turkish angora is one of the most ancient breeds of cats, very intelligent and well-bred, quiet and calm, not very fond of strangers, can be very long acquainted, sniffing and looking closely, but never coming up. In ancient times, this cat was considered a very valuable gift, the owners of these beauties were Turkish sultans and European monarchs.



The Sphynx is very cute and seems defenseless because of its lack of fur. This breed was bred by crossing an accidentally born bald kitten with its mother and then repeatedly with its offspring. These are very intelligent kittens, they have an excellent memory and a sharp mind. They are easy to train, and are more like dogs in terms of trainability. This is the only breed of cat that responds to its name simply because you call it


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5 very rare and unusual breeds of cats
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