List of the kindest cat breeds with characteristics and descriptions

Unlike dogs, cats are not represented by fighting or service breeds. Therefore, when choosing a purring pet, a person is most often guided by the desire to have a friend, always ready to show love and affection. The list of the kindest cat breeds with characteristics and descriptions will help to make a choice.

The 10 most affectionate breeds

It is not an easy decision to make: practically all such different representatives of the numerous feline community are united by tenderness, inherent in their nature by nature itself. Moreover, the breeders who carry out competent selection work exclude individuals showing aggressive behavior from the breeding program since it is considered to be a serious defect.

Siberian cat


Everything about these magnificent animals is captivating:

The strong, harmonious build;

a noble constitution;

intelligent, expressive eyes;

the long, fluffy coat and the luxurious tail.

However, behind the glittering, regal, and sometimes somewhat severe appearance hidden extraordinary kindness, sociability and contactiveness. Representatives of the breed have absolutely no arrogance, vindictiveness and resentfulness.

The owners of Siberians believe that due to their subtle intuition and special intelligence, they are always extremely sensitive to the emotional mood of the man. The sense of dignity inherent in these animals never prevents them from expressing sincere and lasting affection for the owner.
Due to their balanced and patient character, Siberian cats get along well with children and never be offended by too active «cuddling» of the child. On the contrary, they will never cause harm to children and gladly take part in joint games and amusements, showing remarkable activity, agility and mobility.

Keeping them in a house with dogs and other cats is problem-free for Siberians: their innate fearlessness and leadership qualities allow them to head the hierarchy, without showing aggression or desire to engage in conflict. Despite the developed hunting instinct, Siberians are quite loyal to small animals such as hamsters, guinea-pigs, decorative rats, birds, and even consider them members of their own society, if the process of socialization of your kitten has been carried out correctly. Siberian cats are clever, brave and extremely kind, and can become not only a true friend of the whole family, but also the true soul of the house in which they live.

Maine Coon


«Gentle giants» — that is how we can briefly describe these spectacular animals. Their whole appearance — ideal proportions of body, impressive sizes (adult male can reach weight of 10-12 kg, and female — 8 kg), luxurious thick and dense hair — produces an impression of natural beauty and unshakable power. Compared to other cats, Maine Coons develop quite slowly, reaching standard conditions only by 3-4 years.

During several years, the animals behave like kittens, displaying an immediate, lively disposition. Young Maine Coons are affectionate and sociable, combined with inexhaustible energy and sincere passion for any game, so they easily find a common language with children.
Coons never allow themselves to be capricious or aggressive, to quarrel with other pets — it is below their dignity. Adult animals, realizing their own splendor, always behave with quiet pride and confidence. At the same time, they feel the need for attention and constant contact with humans. However, there is no trace of servility in Maine Coon’s close attachment to its owner. The relationship between a cat and its owner can rather be called an equal partnership based on mutual love and understanding.

Persian cat


Representatives of this breed were created as if to make a person, being near them, forget about vanity and haste of everyday life. Persian cat is a delightful embodiment of tenderness and peace. This is evidenced by the smooth lines of its silhouette, formed by long, silky, soft falling fur, serene eyes, graceful movement and soft cooing voice.

Meek and malleable character of Persians is owed to long breeding work, when the selection criteria were not only excellent appearance data, but also a quiet, balanced nature of producers.
Representatives of this breed adore human company: getting attached to their owners, they fully depend on them and are not adapted to life outside the house. The Persian completely debunks the myth that cats are vindictive: they can take offense only if they are not paid enough attention in response to a request for affectionate petting.

This is an ideal breed for a family with children. Persians, quite playful in childhood and adolescence, gladly accept invitations to entertainment. Adult animals may not enjoy too noisy company or intrusive attention, but even then they don’t show aggression, preferring to retire to a secluded place.

Not only can they get along well with other cats and dogs, but they don’t pose any danger for birds, fishes and rodents because of their non-competitive character and almost nonexistent hunting instinct.

Burmese cat


It is hard to say what is more fascinating about Burmese cats: their bottomless sapphire eyes and ivory coat with elegant poinsettias or their sweet, easy-going disposition. Many people, even those who do not consider themselves as felophiles, note Burmese cats’ ability to arouse admiration and an irresistible desire to hold a cat in one’s arms. Probably due to the harmonic combination of magical beauty and gentle nature the breed has another name — Sacred Burma.

And of course, animals with such qualities are an ideal choice for a family with small children:

Burmese are intelligent, affectionate and very affectionate to humans. They are moderately playful and never show anger or vindictiveness.

The company and attention of another pet will be only glad for the Burmese, perceiving it with natural friendliness and reciprocating.


Another member of the feline family with impressive size, blue eyes and a quiet disposition. The name of the breed, which translates as «rag doll», refers to the cat’s ability to relax its muscles, sagging its whole body when picked up and does not at all suggest the animal’s lack of intelligence, character or learning ability. Ragdolls’ distinctive qualities are:

Exceptional calm, poise;

The capacity for affection and devotion to human beings;

fine mental organization.

Extreme affection of the Ragdoll to the owner is manifested in the persistent desire to be constantly near. There are cases when the prolonged separation from the owner becomes a cause of deep depression, refusal of food, and exhaustion for the animal. Rudeness or indifference from the human for the ragdoll is not a source of resentment, but a true emotional shock.

Not only can the breed become a faithful friend, zoopsychologists strongly recommend them as pets for those families with young children. Ragdolls, or, as many owners affectionately call them, «dolls», can seem to tolerate anything from a child, without showing the slightest irritation or aggression. The maximum manifestation of displeasure on the part of the cat is an attempt to hide or run away, but not to fight back. Rather, the child, by getting too excited, can hurt the cat by careless movements. Benevolent, sociable dolls and with other animals.
They are quite tolerant to the inhabitants of aquariums and cages, get on well with dogs, get on well with their congeners and create strong pairs.

Abyssinian breed


This spectacular, ideally shaped animal with a regal bearing is often called a room puma. But unlike its wild counterpart, the Abyssinian is trusting, affectionate and sensitive: from childhood it demonstrates devotion to its owner. A well-balanced mental state of a cat allows her to feel equally comfortable both in a noisy, large family and in a cosy home with an only human.

Curiosity and mobility of the animal, love of active entertainment make it a great companion for children, towards whom it never shows aggression, even if the kids are tiresome. Abies adore being in the center of attention, so they can bear loneliness very badly, but the long-awaited return home of the owner is perceived with emotional elation bordering with delight. It seems that these cats experience only two inexhaustible feelings: the joy of endless play and pleasure from the caress of the owner.

Exotic Shorthair


Unsuccessful, as breeders at first thought, result of crossing Persian and Burmese cats actually gave the world such wonderful, charmingly touching «plushies» that look like animated toys — exotic short-haired cats.

Their disposition is in tune with their appearance: quiet, even a little lazy, but friendly and very spontaneous. Lazybones become rather frisky and cheerful participants of all kinds of amusements if you manage to interest them in the game. This constant readiness for contact, focusing on humans is preserved in Exotas throughout their lives. Very affectionate and gentle, these cats are ready to follow their owners wherever they go. Loneliness is so unbearable for them that they even refuse to eat when their beloved pet is not at home.

If there are children in the family, the pet will not only gladly accept the games offered, but will also take the initiative to involve the little ones in the circle of entertainment. If the child inadvertently scares or hurts the animal, it will not respond with aggression, and will try to avoid further communication. Scandals and quarrels with other four-legged animals are excluded: Exotics are designed only for joyful and peaceful coexistence.

Scottish Fold


Cute and easy-going nature of the Scottish lop-eared cat is clearly seen in the expression of her muzzle: eternally surprised rounded eyes, and a peculiar half-smile, due to the anatomical structure of the jaw. A balanced character, tenderness, ability to get on well with everybody and infinite love to owners — these are qualities that have brought Scottish cats to the place of honor among ten kindest breeds.

However, bitterness and ingenuousness, inherent in Scottish lop-ears, does not mean that they are amorphous and stupid. On the contrary, Scottish are very smart, and always understand perfectly well what they want. Despite the expression of their love for humans, which cannot be called fiery or passionate, you can be sure that such an unpretentious affection is one of the most durable of all feline species. Scottish Fold — a kindness multiplied by exceptional loyalty.

Russian Blue


They are rightfully called shining emeralds in a silver crown. Extraordinarily aristocratic, graceful and graceful, Russian blues are as if unaware of their perfect beauty, always keeping modest and a little shy. Restraint and even some aloofness are for strangers.

In the native family, the cat is equally sensitive and affectionate to all, both adults and children: it can be attentive and subtly feel the mood of people, to distract from sorrows and share their joy. Such an unusual ability to empathize and even understand people is an amazing and organic feature of this animal’s personality. Delicate, affectionate, and always in need of communication with its owner, the Russian blue cat is a representative of one of the most intelligent and friendly breeds.

British cat


The first and main impression of British cats is equanimity, close to equanimity, and a sense of dignity, which have become a kind of business card of these amazing creatures. Nevertheless they cannot be called selfish and self-centered. The British are the embodiment of the golden mean in behavior and expression of feelings:

They are contactable, but not intrusive;

They do not languish in loneliness, but are always happy to talk to everyone in the family;

patience in cats to play together with children is infinite, but does not mean they are spineless;

the British allow themselves to be playful, but they are moderate in their displays of activity;

do not like familiarity, but often and willingly show their love for humans, friendly to other animals.

Despite the fact that the British cats are almost invariably included in the ratings of the most affectionate cats, their kindness is more a combination of restrained temper, intelligent manners and the ability to compromise. These same qualities give the British a reputation as desirable, ideal companions in every respect.

Of course, there are many other breeds that are loyal, affectionate and friendly to people. The main thing to remember is that the character of the animal is determined not so much by the breed, as by the education and attitude, which the owner can and should provide to his pet. Trust and love are indivisible. Therefore, the kindest cats are the ones that are loved.

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List of the kindest cat breeds with characteristics and descriptions
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