15 photos of rescued animals before and after

A cat will bring love and joy to any home that welcomes it with open arms and an open heart. But if you take an outdoor cat into your home, you will not only make your life more beautiful, but you will save this sweet animal from a painful death. Many of the cats you will see below were on the verge of death when humans came into their lives. If you are planning to get a cat, we hope this post will convince you to take a cat off the street. They need your love! Give a cat a home and she will thank you with her love and warmth.

1. Justin


This cat survived the fire.

2. Shelter


«We found a box of kittens and Shelter was the only survivor. Six months later she was unrecognizable.»

3. bunny


Bunny was electrocuted and received many wounds, but he survived. He’s feeling fine now.

4. Cookie


Cookie climbed up to warm himself on the engine of the car. He got badly burned while the car was driving. He was rescued, and now he looks fine.

5. Kitty


The kitten was found half-dead. This is how she looks a month later.

6. Louie


Louis was abandoned in a ditch. He was rescued and is now king of the house.

7. Kitten


Kind people rescued the kitten and cured him. Now he is very beautiful and feels great.

8. Codam


Kodam was found with terrible wounds. Here he is six years later. Very happy.

9. A little kitty cat.


They found her in the pouring rain. She was soaked to the skin. Now she has grown up and lives in warmth and comfort.

10. Cat


Another great story of rescuing a cat. Before and after photos.

11. Stuart Little


Stuart was found as a baby kitten. He was raised and bred. He turned out to be such a handsome fellow.

12. Scout


Scout was very skinny when he was found. A year later he became a handsome, well-fed cat.

13. Tyrion


Tyrion had an eye infection, but now he is the cutest cat.

14. Spider


Spyder was found in the gutter. He lives at home now.

15. Duncan


Duncan lay wounded in the middle of the road. Kind people took him home, took him out. He’s happy now.

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15 photos of rescued animals before and after
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