Why do we love cats? 10 proof that everyone needs cats

Why do you like cats? It’s such a simple question, and yet it causes some difficulty when you begin to answer it. Indeed, it can be confusing to think about! Whether there are so many reasons to adore fluffy cats, or they are hiding somewhere far away under the mask of everyday life.

By the way, love for cats has become mainstream long before the Internet. And now, when answering the question «Why do we love cats so much?», we will all smile as we think of the most obvious but truly honest reasons.

A cat is the warmest warmer in the world!

And do not even doubt that your pet will come to protect you from the cold, as soon as you want. And he will ask nothing for it — hugs and kisses.


This is the best alarm clock ever!

If you have a cat at home (correction: a hungry cat), you definitely can’t oversleep in the morning.


Cats help us relax

Sometimes animals distract us from urgent matters with this or that request, and sometimes we ourselves are distracted by the purring creature. And let the whole world wait!


They support us.

Especially as far as «doing nothing» is concerned!


Cats are the most affectionate mothers in the world


Because they are motivated!

That means we have something to learn from them.


They are also cunning and mischievous!

But you and I love even these qualities!


Cats are very practical.

For example, a box is not trash at all. It can be used as a crib, no matter what size it is!


They can be completely defenseless…


And they know how to rest for two!


Cats have their positive and negative character traits, too… But we love them any way we can. Just for the fact that we have them!


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Why do we love cats? 10 proof that everyone needs cats
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