Why cats like to make eye contact

Many cat owners have noticed that some of them can look into their eyes for a long time. It is impossible to confuse this look with anything else: it’s penetrating, intimate and as if studying.

When you look into a cat’s eyes, you can see immediately that it’s meaningful, but it’s far from easy to understand what’s behind it.

It should be noted that in addition to body language and sense of smell, a cat actively uses facial expressions: it can look at a person for a long time if it wants his attention or, for example, food. And if the owner of the cat will show attentiveness and observation, he will be able to understand without words what his pet wants from him.


So why do cats make eye contact? There may be several reasons for this. For example, by looking into its owner’s eyes the cat might try to catch his state of mind and on the basis of the information it gets, plan how it will act in the future. If the owner’s mood is good, the cat will try to ask for his favorite treat, if it is not good, it will step aside and wait for a more favorable «weather».

Another common reason is the cat’s hunger or thirst, and looking into its owner’s eyes it may simply ask him to feed or water it. Moreover, it has been observed that cats who rarely meow most often do so. When meeting its future owner for the first time, the cat may stare at him intently in order to determine whether his attitude toward her will be hostile or friendly.


Often this is also a kind of a staring game to see who will be in charge in the house.

It is important to remember that the cat, like other animals, must find out who will be in charge in the house and then base its behavior on this. It also happens that the cat first looks people in the eyes, and then sharply presses his ears and even rushes to attack. And these actions can be committed as in relation to a bystander, as well as in relation to his owner. A domestic cat is a predator and one should always keep this in mind. Therefore, its behavior is inseparable from the animal instincts of its wild brethren. For the wild cat the staring may be a sign of aggression.

Of course, many people wonder why the cat sees in the eyes of his master aggression, if he looks at her with affection or love. The explanation is very simple: in predators, the direct look in the eyes is always a sign of a clear dislike and preparation for an attack. Therefore, seeing her master staring at her, the cat may decide that the best defense is to attack and try to get ahead of him.


However, despite the fact that cats, for the most part, do not like direct looks, they themselves enjoy watching people. Sometimes a cat looks into its owner’s eyes serenely and calmly, and sometimes with curiosity. Another reason for a cat to look into the eyes is that the eyes are a bright shiny detail on the human face and it can attract the attention of the animal, as well as any other bright object, which in addition is also moving.

If the owner will carefully observe his pet, he will be able to catch his state of mind.

And to do this, you do not have to look your pet in the eye, especially if the cat is not at all happy about it. However, if the cat itself initiates eye contact, it is not necessary to look away, because cats have a fascinating, hypnotic look, and if you do not miss this opportunity, it will allow you to relax and distract from your worries.

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Why cats like to make eye contact
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