When the cat’s in charge: 14 very frightened dogs

Do you think dogs are afraid of cats? Yes, they are! And they’re understandable — imagine how painful it is to be scratched and bitten by these crafty, nimble rascals! And you can’t touch them, they’re small! So the big dogs have to cede their places and bowls to the cats and keep away from fluffy things if they are in a bad mood. And cats, in turn, are used to be the authorities, masters of life, kings and emperors. And if they want to lie down on this or that place, so be it, and no one tells them what to do. Unhappy dogs.

1. Well, well, well, who do we have here?


2. Save yourselves, leave me! Tell my mother that I love her!

3. it’s behind me, isn’t it?


4. Run, coward, run! And give yours a big hello from Murzyk!


5. Tell me! Where do the owners hide the Wiskas?!


6. Where?! And kiss my paw?


7. Hugs!!!


8. Uh-oh, that look doesn’t lead to anything good


9. I’m not afraid, no, I just don’t want to go down


10. It’s okay, it’s not good for me to lie on the soft stuff, I’m fine as it is.


11. The aisle is closed


12 Oh no, I don’t want to play with him anymore


14. They came for me


14. Hey, Shariq, where are we going?


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When the cat’s in charge: 14 very frightened dogs
The kitten was crawling along the road. When he was found, he growled and was afraid of being left behind again!