What to do if you are attacked by a dog: 5 important tips

No one is immune to attack by a stray dog. More often than not, dogs will attack people to protect their territory. If one dog in a pack attacks, others will join it. An aggressive animal may attack an unsuspecting passerby. So how do you protect yourself if you are attacked by a dog? Experts have outlined several important actions to take.

1. If a dog growls and bares its teeth: calm down, only calm down. An attack can be avoided.


— When encountering an aggressive dog, try to stay calm.

— Do not run away.
— Do not yell at the dog.

— All movements should be slow.

— Don’t look the dog in the eye — keep him in sight by observing him from the side.

— Pretend like you’re not interested in the dog in any way.

2. Defending yourself during a dog attack: move quickly.


— Try to shield yourself from the dog with an object (such as a bag) to protect yourself from bites.

— Use anything you have on hand to defend yourself.

— If possible, use a jacket to cover the dog’s head.

— If the dog goes on the attack, hit him with your hands clenched into fists: nose, groin, muzzle, the most sensitive area in dogs is behind the front paws in the chest area.

3. If the dog bites you: don’t lunge, he’ll lash out harder.


— Don’t make any sudden movements and don’t try to get away if the dog grabs you with his teeth.

— Use your free hand to grab your dog’s hind legs — usually after this maneuver the dog will let go.

— With a sharp movement, press the dog to the ground and put all your weight on it.

4. If the dog has knocked you down: Cover your neck


— It is important to protect your neck, as the dog may hit an artery.

— Curl up in a ball.

— Pull your head into your shoulders and protect your neck by pressing your chin against your chest.

— Cynologists advise pretending to be dead: that way the dog may lose interest in you sooner.

5. Important Additions


— Don’t try to talk to the dog, much less yell at it, it can only make things worse. The best strategy before an attack is to completely ignore the animal.

— To distract the dog, throw an object at him — it will divert his attention and give you time to get away.

— Try placing an object in your dog’s mouth to create a distraction. Some dogs need more than enough of this to lose interest in you.

— Demonstrate to the dogs that you are armed by picking up (or pretending to pick up) a stick, branch, or rock from the ground and throw it in the dog’s direction.

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What to do if you are attacked by a dog: 5 important tips
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