What do you know about your pet’s talents? 8 reasons why living without a cat is boring

Actually, it’s hard to imagine life without cats. And we don’t want to! Who will wake us up in the morning? Who will hide in the closet and scare us with eyes that sparkle out of the darkness? And how to live without the magical «yougiddyk» at three in the morning? No, that’s not it. Boring without a cat, you know. And where would the cat jokes come from if our mustachioed friends stopped messing around?


Today you will learn a lot and understand why life without a cat is boring! Believe me, there are a lot of reasons for that. Some of them we will now outline!

8 reasons that will explain why life without a cat is boring!

Reason 1.

Purr-fect will catch mice!

We do not know how things are with rodents in the apartment, but in the yard of your own house you will definitely find a couple of mice. However, sometimes cats refuse to hunt and instead make friends with the little pests. Not bad either, right? Well, at least it’s very nice.


The second reason

Cats are watching the figure of the owners!

Just remember how many times Barsik has stolen meat from the table or eaten fish bought for soup. And he does it for a reason! It turns out that cats just do not let us eat too much, so we can lose a couple of pounds.

And how many calories will be spent while you run to the store for more meat? That’s the kind of caring cats we have!


Reason Three.

They’re always waiting for us!

Even if you go to work, yawning and grumbling at everyone around you, you feel warmer at heart at the thought that a kitty is always waiting for you at home.

Reason four

Cats love to give us surprises!

You’ll never guess what else your pet is capable of, but trust me, the imagination of the woolly brats is just fine.


Reason five.

What about the cat jokes caught on camera? There are millions of them! And that’s because cats are a source of inspiration…

Reason number six

Kitty — it’s an alarm clock, and free and very reliable.

No forces will stop your cat if he is hungry. You will wake up, because it’s easier to make a truce with him than to buy new wallpaper in the hallway.


Reason Seven.

The cat will help you grow houseplants! He is always ready to loosen the soil in the pot, fertilize it and change the shape of the leaves with his teeth…


Reason number eight

Cats are great companions!

They will watch TV with you, sleep through dinner and silently escort you to the refrigerator at night for a snack. It would be very boring to live without such a friend.


If you already have a cat, you don’t need to explain anything at all, because you will never part with your purr-fect!

And if you only have plans to get a cat — we hope that our 8 reasons and all the jokes about cats that you’ve ever heard or seen will make you do it as soon as possible!

Cats to all, comrades!

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What do you know about your pet’s talents? 8 reasons why living without a cat is boring
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