What animals do women of different zodiac signs look like!

Capricorn the dog


A woman under the sign of the Zodiac Capricorn can be compared with a dog. Since ancient times, the dog is considered a loyal pet, which has always guarded the house and its inhabitants, accompanied the master on the hunt, played with children. And now the dog is practically a member of the family. So also with the Capricorn woman, she does everything for her family and friends, their well-being and well-being is the most important thing for her. She will give everything, just so her family would be well.
Pisces is a red fox.


The fox is a red-haired beauty, a symbol of cunning and guile. They’re outrageously beautiful, but they’re just as dangerous. Do you want to tame a fox? You will have to try hard. Likewise with Pisces. They are very attractive, cute and know how to present themselves, but they are also cunning, intelligent and even devious. Pisces women are born actresses. If it gets into your home, be prepared that from now on, your life will be completely subordinated to the desires of this charming and cunning predator. Surrender or run.

Aries is a raccoon


Are they really raptors? They’re so cute! Yes. In pictures. In fact, raccoons are real fighters who aren’t afraid of anyone or anything. Just like Aries women, who, of course, are also very cute. Until the hunt begins. Do you know why raccoons like to rinse their food? Not at all because they like to eat clean food, but because the prey in the water will stop fluttering faster if it’s drowned. This is such a little warning. Remember, the Aries woman doesn’t like to see anyone fluttering around without much reason. And in general, raccoons and Aries are the sweetest creatures. Unless, of course, you like it when someone arranges a coup in the house and climbs on your head because it’s more convenient to steal cookies.

Taurus is a bear.


The image of the bear evokes the most contradictory associations: it is both a formidable predator, the owner of the forest, and an amusing giant honey lover. What is he really like? Look at a female Taurus, and you will understand everything. Like a real bear, she prefers to spend time alone with herself. In doing so, she likes to do something pleasant. Like catching fish or picking berries. She does not like strangers and can tear them apart if someone gets under the hot hand. On the other hand, she will fiercely protect her babies and family. In between looking for something tasty to eat. And in general, if you are attacked by a Taurus bear, it is better to just pretend to be dead right away.

Gemini is a barking cat.


She looks like a house cat, a portrait of which the illustrators did a good job. This predatory animal is the most charming; even as an adult it looks like a kitten. And the Dune cat can only be seen alive by desperate travelers and explorers of wildlife, as it lives in the most arid and deserted places and studiously avoids meetings with humans. Female Gemini also love to go into their inner world, which from the outside may seem lifeless desert. And in fact their inner world — it is this densely populated metropolis. Although only the Gemini women can survive in it, so that the outsiders are better not to go there.

Cancer the lioness


A female lioness, like a lioness, needs a real lion man. One that can be seen from afar. Winning her attention, he himself can not really bother — a lioness cancer, like lionesses do, take care of everything. She goes hunting, and look after the children, and the house in order. Man for them — a protection and support. But she will only act that way as long as he stays a real man-lion. As soon as he makes a mistake, the pride of loyal girlfriends and relatives, with his lioness at the head, will tear the villain into small pieces, and there will be no trace left.

The lion is a house cat


A beautiful, gentle and independent carnivore. Cats today have so many fans that it is like a cult of some goddess. And the female lioness is a goddess, she is used to being worshipped. And she is also a predator, like a cat: they are both capable of killing their prey long and painfully. But that’s only as a last resort. If she is timely provided with premium food and served in the most expensive and fancy bowl, the Lioness will not strain too much, enjoying the proper honors.

The Maiden is a she-wolf


The wolf is fed by the mind, not the feet, as the proverb says. It is not for nothing that he is one of the most cunning and cautious predators. At the same time in a wolf pack, the wolf is usually led by a she-wolf. She is responsible for the general welfare. Almost like a Virgo woman. She often gathers around a «pack» of people who are confident that they can always count on her help and wise counsel in times of need. But it allows close to only the most trusted people, those who are with her «one blood. On the other that it will never attack without reason, preferring to avoid conflict.

Libra the panda


Unexpectedly! Many people forget, but this cute big creature is also a carnivore, just like other bears. Notice that this is the only bear in the world that has chosen to be a vegetarian. Of course, sometimes they may eat eggs, some small animals, birds, or some insects, but most of all they like to quietly chew bamboo. About the same do the Libra women — they never attack without an absolute necessity. And even if necessary, they will think 10 times whether it is worth it to get involved. No wonder that peace-loving Libra women are loved by almost everyone.

Scorpio is a tiger.


The tigress is a dangerous and mysterious member of the feline family. Tigers very often attack people, and the reasons for this are still not studied. About the same mysterious is the behavior of female Scorpions, when they get someone’s heart during their regular forays into hunting. Of course, you can ask them about it, but the answer will only add more questions. Because they think it’s no big deal. Until some unusual heart is caught.

Sagittarius is a killer whale.


This beautiful mammal is a «killer whale. Its actions are always precise and its hunting plan is brilliant and perfect. They are very clever, like real strategists and tacticians. But the main secret of these animals is the relationship with humans, which they never attack. They can attack only if they are caught and imprisoned, i.e. in a dolphinarium. That’s when she can really get her revenge. In the wild, orcas are happy to communicate with people. In the entire history of mankind there has never been a single case of a killer whale attacking a human being in the conditions of free habitat. There is no doubt that orcas are as noble as female Sagittarians. They, too, will never attack a weaker one.
Aquarius the ferret


A ferret is a very cute animal that can make an incredible commotion in a second. So is the Aquarius lady. Do not be surprised that against the background of complete peace, she suddenly explodes like a pocket atom bomb. Since the main qualities of both — surprise and impetuosity, do not try to anticipate or stop the attack of his chosen one. She will always hunt her victim very quickly and almost always successfully. It is better to pretend that nothing happened. In a relationship with Aquarius, this tactic is most useful. And safe for you.

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What animals do women of different zodiac signs look like!
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