«We didn’t know what was in store for us!» They accidentally brought home the daughter of a sphinx and a house cat

«What kind of nightmare are you holding? Throw it away!» — some squeamishly wince.

«Be sure to go to the show with such exotics!» — others urge.

«That cat should probably be treated…» — Others speculate sympathetically.

And only Dasha knows that her Sima is the best and most unusual house cat, which without any pedigree replaces her COSMOS!


How this story began…

Several years ago Dasha’s mother decided to have a furry creature in the house. Dasha herself at that time was in high school and was too young for such serious decisions, but one thing was certain: an animal is a big responsibility for the rest of its life!

And so she and her mother came by the ad. The owner showed them two kittens to choose from — and, as often happens, they had different opinions! Mom liked the funny cat, covered with colored hair, with a white face. But the girl liked the other little guy.

But a mother is a mother, as you know, she knows best. So it was her favorite — a funny and ruffled ball of positivity, the daughter of a bald sphynx and an ordinary house cat — that went home!


«Somehow we didn’t think about what was waiting for us…» — Dasha laughs, because none of them actually intended to have such an unusual creature at home!

They named the baby Simona, Sima (or Simferopol, according to Daddy’s version). She began to grow and change rapidly at a cosmic rate! At first it was just a fluffy ball, then her hair began to fall out in certain places.


Visitors to the family were literally at a loss for words — «I don’t know what» jumped out at them from around the corner with its wispy hair and wild green eyes!

«Did your cat come from Chernobyl?» — was the standard question in such cases…

What does an adult cat look like?

Simina’s appearance changed over the course of four years. She had a bald muzzle, then her belly, then the hair on her paws came out and grew back on the «bald» places. And only then she became what she is now: a beauty with fluffy sides and a head that has a full «sphynx» back and tail.


Everyone in the family is proud of the exotic appearance of their pet. But most of all coddles the cat, of course, Dasha! The girl can’t imagine how you can fall asleep without cuddling with a small, warm body and feeling the soft paws on your neck).


If we remember Sima’s habits, the most striking of them is her love of ice cream and… Hematogen. The cat has an excellent ear, she hears the rustling of the wrapper even from the other end of the apartment and gallops on her lap to beg for her share of the tasty treat!


Mura likes to sleep on the couch, but she is afraid of her parents’ bed: a stern owner with a big and scary rubber slipper commands there). As soon as he takes the «weapon» in his hands and waves it in front of him — Sima’s footprints immediately disappear into thin air!)

Yes, Simona is afraid of men — it took her a long time to get used to Dasha’s boyfriend, too. She hid and studied him, and now she is still cautious.


But in fact, no one really hurts the cat, of course. She is so small, affectionate and easy that even to shout at her — and that does not work! This woman — then give her paw, then cuddle, then suddenly decide to bite for mischief, or to attract attention. Mood changes — instant!


We can say that Dasha’s pet is a problem-free pet. The only difficulties are the ubiquitous hair (both in the soup and in the closet!) and the ever-dirty eyes. The owner cleans them twice a day, but for some reason the corners of Sima’s gorgeous «peepers» always collect dirt…


Otherwise, she is a wonderful girl with lots of cute habits: sleeping in Dasha’s bag, protecting people from pesky flies, resting in the arms of the radiator, hiding in the closet, etc.


True, her mistress’s morning begins not with pleasant plans for the day, but with this «reminiscent» expression about breakfast!


But this is just a mask hiding a huge attachment to his infinitely adored Dasha!


«Take care of your cats — all of them, even those «half-whiskers» …» says the girl. — Just because she doesn’t have a certain breed, pedigree, and doesn’t take part in shows, doesn’t make her scum…».


We completely agree with these words. Every pet is wonderful with its own personality, not with documents or a name!


Whoever your cat looks like — a gaudy princess or a shaggy house cat, demolishing everything in its path — love it with all your heart.

And she’s sure to return the favor!

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«We didn’t know what was in store for us!» They accidentally brought home the daughter of a sphinx and a house cat
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