Two newborn kittens were wrapped in a rag and thrown into the entryway

When a person gets a pet, it is not only the joy of its cute appearance or quiet purr, but also a great responsibility. Many pet owners do not understand this and, for example, do not spay or neuter their pets and send them off on their own.


And then there are stories like the one that happened in an apartment building in Petrozavodsk: A girl named Miroslava was coming out of her apartment, but suddenly on the threshold she noticed kittens swarming, wrapped in a cloth.

Two tiny babies were born a few hours ago, and someone decided just to throw them at the door of the girl’s apartment.

It was urgent to find a nursing cat for the kittens, and it was only possible to do this quickly with the help of social media.


Volunteer Maria Spiridonova saw the posts about the foundlings and decided to help bring their story to a happy end.


The kittens went to the nursing cat, who welcomed her new «babies» and began to take care of them: licking them, hiding them from prying eyes, and feeding them. The babies grew stronger and stronger, squeaked actively, and soon their eyes opened.
Both turned out to be girls; they were named Mia and Leah. When they had recovered, a girl named Victoria took them to a rearing house. The kittens didn’t get used to the new place right away, but their curiosity got the better of them and soon they were actively galloping on all the surfaces they could reach.


Shy and affectionate Mia, even as a baby, would sit down next to Victoria and try to meow: apparently, to communicate. Most of all she liked to lie on the couch and quietly contemplate the world around her

Soon fate smiled on the beauty and she went home. She passed her trial period with flying colors!

Lia, more mischievous and perky than her sister, always wanted adventure and to get into trouble. Going around every corner, exploring new things, tasting everything you see — you can’t do without it!


But even the most active and freedom-loving kitty needs a human, and Leah also found her owner.

Because of the irresponsibility of some people, the two kittens first became homeless and unwanted, and then, with the kindness and participation of others, loved and happy. Which category each of us belongs to is up to us to decide!

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Two newborn kittens were wrapped in a rag and thrown into the entryway
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