There was a little puppy sitting in a tube «crying» from loneliness

He was waiting for his masters…
This story happened in a small village. A local man was passing by a drainpipe and heard strange noises coming from it. When he looked down the pipe, he saw a small, dirty puppy whimpering pitifully.

The man felt sorry for the baby, so he called volunteers to help him get it out. A young boy soon arrived. He was told that the puppy may have been left here by its owner, waiting for them to come back for it. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, as the doggy really believed in it…

When the young man peered through the hole in the pipe, he saw a poor, disheveled baby sitting in the muddy sludge. All his blond hair was covered in sticky mud.

The puppy wagged its tail happily at the sight of a stranger. But at first he was afraid to come any closer to the rescuer. After a few minutes, however, the puppy overcame his fear, let himself be petted and even held in his arms.

The volunteer carried the puppy away from that awful place. The lad first decided to bathe the crumb from the layer of mud. The dog did not resent it and sat obediently under the running water.

Once his fur had dried, the little guy was completely different — an adorable and lovable booger. He wagged his tail all the time and was happy to be picked up.

The rescuer fed his little friend and cuddled him. The puppy was loosened up and started running around the room cheerfully.

We hope that he will soon find new owners who will love him and will never betray him.

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There was a little puppy sitting in a tube «crying» from loneliness
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