The woman wanted to get rid of the dog, fearing for the baby. But the pit bull loved the baby madly

Sometimes we struggle to overcome stereotypes and stigmas about certain people, phenomena, and even companies. We depend heavily on what we hear everywhere every day. However, life shows us that reality can often be just the opposite of what we used to think.

When Greg Heinen and his wife had a baby, Greg began to question the safety of keeping a pit bull, a dog notorious for its vivacious and unpredictable temperament, at home. But further developments completely changed his perspective.

From Greg’s notes:

«My wife and I had two dogs that we got before we were married. My wife’s dog, Zach, was a Labrador and pit bull. He didn’t like me right away. And when we had a daughter, I warned my wife that if the dog tried anything with the baby, I’d get rid of him.

When we first brought our daughter home, both dogs immediately started sniffing and licking her. I even had to pull Zack away because he got a little carried away. The dog immediately became an avid protector of the little girl. When she was lying on the plaid, on the floor, he was sure to keep one paw on it.


Zach fell deeply in love with the little girl, and when she got a little older, he always followed her wherever she went and slept on the bed with her. Whenever it was bedtime, he would wait for the girl at the stairs to escort her to bed.

One day Zach was poisoned, by one of the neighborhood kids, and we had to endure one of the worst days ever. Watching our daughter say goodbye to Zach, we couldn’t hold back the tears.

That day at 8:00 p.m., when it was bedtime, my daughter walked up the stairs to go up to her bedroom, and we saw a look of deep sadness on her face. But at that moment another dog ran up to her, poked his nose into her and defiantly put his paw on the step. Her daughter grasped his neck tightly, and they went up to the bedroom.

For the next six years, until Sam died, he accompanied her to the bedroom every night.»

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The woman wanted to get rid of the dog, fearing for the baby. But the pit bull loved the baby madly
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