The red-headed bully kitten harassed the police patrol all day

It was in New Zealand, at a road junction near Auckland — in the morning the police were called and told in an irritated voice that a shameless white-haired furball was trying to cause an accident. And if you don’t show up, he’s going to succeed, and maybe more than once. The cops couldn’t ignore such a threat, but they had no idea what they would actually have to face.

The county police would later post on their Facebook page that the case was near a big Majoro interchange. A ginger kitten was indeed unceremoniously snooping around on a highway laden with cars and drivers were desperately maneuvering around trying not to run him over. «Well, we’ll get you now!» the cops thought, and … shamefully lost.


At the sight of the approaching officer the animal took off and ran across three lanes at once. The brakes squealed, the smell of burnt rubber wafted into the air, and a scathing New Zealand slur was heard. The police had to hastily block the traffic on the road, which caused a major traffic jam. The red-headed hooligan calmly licked himself, looking at the consequences of his debauchery. But, with the joint efforts of several people, the stalking hunt was successful — the kitten was captured and placed under arrest inside the patrol car. But that, too, was a mistake.


The patrol officer swears that he took a picture of the redheaded troublemaker and turned away to make a single phone call. When he turned around, he was gone, and the car was securely locked. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, where are you? Come on, get out! A mocking meow was heard from behind the dashboard. Officers partially disassembled it, but could not get the mischievous kitten — called the boss and got a day off until the end of the shift. Solve the problem of the ginger kitten.


What was there to do? We carefully pushed the car to the car service, so as not to start the engine and not to risk the health of the tail, which was stuck there in the unknown place. With the help of an experienced mechanic we disassembled the whole dashboard and almost half of the engine compartment. And we have found the source of problems — it was deep, pest. The day was hopelessly lost, but there was still a visit to the station with a live trophy, which the cops no longer dared to let out of their hands.


By that time all the city services in the area knew about the adventurous red-haired kitten who had caused so much trouble. And when the hero of the day arrived at the station, there was a long line of people who wanted to take selfies and shake their paws — not every criminal could harass two experienced police officers for so long. But it was the 911 operator, a woman named Glenda, who did the smartest thing. She immediately said she would take the kitten home with her.


Such a bully should not be left unattended, and Glenda has three young daughters and one phlegmatic bulldog is not enough for them. There will be a new pet in the house and, one must assume, the women’s group will be able to raise him to be a decent cat. Isn’t it true?


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The red-headed bully kitten harassed the police patrol all day
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