The pug was born with a pink coat that made him popular

Wow, a pink pug 💗
Already many people who love dogs are searching the web for photos of a cute dog named Milkshake. In English it means «Milkshake». The fact is that the pug is very famous for its unusual color. And by doing so, the 17-month-old karaput managed to steal hundreds of people’s hearts.

And the whole reason is that he was born with a white-pink coat, nose and paws of the same color. And his eyes are sky blue. And these two features very much distinguish it from other congeners.

There he is, the famous Milkshake!

Maria, the dog’s owner, daily posts photos and videos of the main character Milkshake on social media. After all, he does not lead an ordinary, but simply a royal lifestyle.

The most interesting thing is that this coloration is not a consequence of a mutation. It is an inborn individuality. It was inherited by Milkshake. He had an albino pug in his family.

But don’t worry. The health of the Internet hero was not affected in any way by this peculiarity.

Yes, this pug is a unique phenomenon, a very special dog. And he brings a lot of joy to everyone who sees him. That’s why his owner Maria takes great care of him. Although some people are sure that the girl spoils him too much.

And you yourself, if you love your pet and don’t dote on him, surely you also allow him a lot? So let’s not judge Maria.

The pink pug is definitely worth it!

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The pug was born with a pink coat that made him popular
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