The owners take turns sleeping on the couch with the old dog so he won’t be lonely

What is the measure of man’s touching care for his pet? Yes, we are responsible for those we have tamed and all that, but how is this put into practice? Here’s the story of Spike the dog who got too old, but didn’t become a burden to his owners.

Spike was once a young and cheerful springer spaniel

But that was a long time ago, and now he’s 14 years old — old by dog standards

Spike’s favorite thing now is sleep and rest, but there’s been a problem with that

Like any normal dog, Spike prefers to sleep in the owner’s bed. He may be on the edge, on his feet, but he’s next to the people he loves! Alas, he recently suffered a second stroke, which, combined with other senile ailments, no longer allows him to move actively. And the master bedroom is on the second floor of the house, where you have to go up the stairs. This is a risk for the old dog, so that he did not try to climb up there, the owners have put a barrier gate, plus a sleeping place on the first floor. An old and not very comfortable couch.

Spike can’t sleep alone — we have to sleep together with him.

All family members are on «sleep watch» — they take turns sleeping in Spike’s arms on the first floor

They even bring him food and water so he doesn’t have to run around too much.

Some would say that they spoiled the dog; other animals have been in a kennel on the street all their lives and nothing. On the other hand, this family took Spike from the shelter as an adult dog who had suffered a lot in his past life. They truly love him and want to make him as comfortable as possible, and if that requires sleeping on a hard couch a couple of days a week, no problem!

That’s how it is — the life of a dog!

Host Quote:
I hope we’ve made up for his not-so-good start in life by giving him all the love in the world

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The owners take turns sleeping on the couch with the old dog so he won’t be lonely
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