The most affectionate breeds of cats

A cat in the house is a big lottery. Each of them has its own character, temperament and manners. We have selected for you the top breeds, whose representatives usually have a kind and affectionate character.

British Shorthair


The British seem to be very independent, but only at first sight. All the owners of these cats say in one voice that they are very gentle. They have an open and easy-going personality, and they are also very fond of communicating and playing with children. What is not an ideal family member?

Siberian cat


Siberian cats are considered the most affectionate among cats. This breed, bred more than 1000 years ago, rightfully bears the title of the national cat of Russia. Siberian cats have rather independent character, but it doesn’t prevent them from being attached to their homes and owners with all their hearts.

These cats are poised and patient, so they easily get along with children and even often become their best friends.



Sphinxes are one of the most tame breeds. They are the friendliest representatives of the felines. They sincerely love their owners and treat their guests well: they gladly let themselves be petted and never refuse to play merry games.



Cats of this breed exude tenderness and love, they are famous for their gentle, compliant nature. Though ragdolls need affection all the time, don’t let that scare you — they are ready to return it in hundredfold.
Nevskaya Masquerade


This breed is a close relative of the Siberian cat. The Nevskaya Masquerade has inherited not only a gorgeous shiny coat, but also good manners. These cats are always ready to help their owners: to listen to them attentively, to encourage them with purring or simply to reward them with warmth and affection. Therefore, there is no doubt, by choosing a Neva Masquerade cat, you will find a devoted friend.

Burmese cat


It’s hard not to fall in love with representatives of this breed. Graceful Burmese cat behaves sedately and calmly, and at the sight of favorite owners, they flatter themselves to them, purring melodiously. Despite their sedate character, Burmese like active movement, so they can become playmates for children or even a whole company of kids.

Abyssinian cat


Tiny Abyssinians look like pumas. And this is not surprising, because they are distant relatives of the wild African cat. But their character is not at all predatory. On the contrary, Abyssinian cats captivate with their gentle nature and refined manners. If you are similar to them in this respect, you can be sure — you will become friends.



Calm and affectionate exotics follow their owners everywhere, they love to sleep in their arms. To do this, of course, you must first gain their trust, but if you treat them with respect and love, you will succeed.

Maine Coon


Maine Coons are very friendly and intelligent cats, which, despite their formidable appearance, easily get along in a house with many animals or children. They have no problem learning commands, love active games and never miss a chance to show their owners the power of their love.

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The most affectionate breeds of cats
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