The kitten was found in a trash can. Now he’s a real beauty!

Help the animals.
Anthony went out into the yard to throw out the trash. Then he heard a faint meow. The man looked closely and saw a very skinny cat in the trash can. She was trying to warm her kittens, pressed them to her body.

Anthony did not hesitate to take all these poor creatures and brought them with him to the vet’s clinic. There, the kittens and their mother received medical care.

Apparently, they wanted to get rid of this cat and its cubs in such a monstrous way. The weakest of all was the white cat. He suffered more than his brothers and sisters.

There was only a little fluff on his body. The baby was always freezing. And his eyes were damaged. Moreover, people didn’t notice this poor thing right away. He did not show any signs of life.

The entire staff of the clinic began to take care of him. They washed the kitten, gave him a spoon to eat, warmed him up and wrapped him in a warm blanket.

The doctors did everything they could to save the kitten. And they succeeded. To date, his fur has grown back and decorated the kitten, who was named Stewart, by the way, in this way they were able to determine the breed of the foundling. It is a Siamese cat with a characteristic appearance.

Today they are looking for a home for Stuart, who has grown stronger and better. There is hope that soon he will live with a caring family.

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The kitten was found in a trash can. Now he’s a real beauty!
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