The fat cat wouldn’t fit through the door, but it wasn’t because he was too fat

What a trickster! For many years, a girl named Ngawai McGregor from New Zealand and her whole family thought that their cat named Miscef would not fit through the cat door just because he was fat.

But the people were wrong…

A standard cat door was built into the door leading to the backyard. The pet would often sit near it, tapping it with his paws thoughtfully. True, if the cat was in a good mood, he might poke his snout in it. But no one ever saw the purr-face go in or out through it. Neither Ngawai nor her family ever noticed that the cat got in there completely.


To get into the house, Mischef would go to the front door and scratch it with his paws. A family member would come in at the sound and let the kitty in.

No one was surprised by what was happening, because the pet was really very well-fed, and frankly — fat.

The whole family believed that the cat just could not fit through the small door. But this year the truth came out!

One day the whole family was so busy with business that there was no one to go out and open the cat’s door. So the cat showed up at the house while all the doors were locked.

This was repeated several times, and then the family followed the cat. It turned out that the pet was great at getting through the cat’s door when he got tired of scratching at doors.


After laughing, the owners of the purr-fly realized that he did not like to squeeze his fat body through the narrow opening. It is much more comfortable to enter through the open door.


The family posted a video of the crafty cat on Facebook, and hundreds of people reacted to the crafty cat’s shenanigans.

Mischef is now eight years old. He has spent all these years with a family that loves him.

By the way, no one overfeeds the kitty, but when he goes on a free walk, he somehow finds tasty treats on the side.


The cat is completely healthy, despite the fat.

Such a lazy and cunning kitty! Is your purrfect little cat capable of doing this too?

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The fat cat wouldn’t fit through the door, but it wasn’t because he was too fat
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