The farmer thought he had picked up regular kittens, but when they grew up, he was in for a real surprise

Nowadays, many people choose money. But the deed of a farmer from Transbaikalia shows that there are still people for whom money is not the main thing.

A farmer from Transbaikalia found abandoned kittens while walking in the woods. These tiny, defenseless kittens were squeaking and screaming for help. The farmer decided that their mother was lost or dead somewhere, took all the kittens home and put them in the barn, where they quickly settled in.


Six months later, the farmer realized that the kittens were unusual — they had grown larger than usual cats and cats, and their fur had acquired a completely different coloring, more appropriate for a predator. Then he decided to show them to the veterinarians of the Daurian Nature Reserve who lived not far from his property. And there he was in for a real surprise — the kittens turned out to be Pallas’ cats.

The veterinarians explained that Pallas’ cats do not live well in captivity, and they can hardly be left at home. They are wild animals, which are very difficult to tame — only small kittens can live with people, and adults cause a lot of problems and die early.


What did the farmer decide?
Pallas’ cats are exotic animals that wealthy people are happy to buy. The price for the cubs starts at 100,000 rubles and can go up to a million, depending on age and color. Manul kittens are the most expensive, so a farmer could place an ad, sell the kittens and earn one or two million rubles doing almost nothing.


But he decided otherwise. During those six months he became so attached to the kittens that he decided to give them to the reserve to live in the natural environment. In the sanctuary they were immediately placed with their adoptive mothers, and a year later they were released into the wild, where they successfully adapted.



It’s a good deed that no one but the farmer would appreciate. Anyone else in his position would have sold the kittens and gotten his million. But it’s not the money that’s important to him, it’s the warmth and concern for his fellow human beings — not many people these days could do what he did. What would you have done in his place?

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The farmer thought he had picked up regular kittens, but when they grew up, he was in for a real surprise
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