The family wept as they held the skinny dog, who had been lost for six years. And yet the dog remembered them.

Very touching.
A very thin, little Chihuahua dog wandered around the neighborhood of Sumter County, Florida. And no one knows what could have happened to him then, if not for one truly kind person, who instantly guessed that the little guy needed help from him.

This little dog ran up to a man he didn’t know and showed him that he was in trouble. The Chihuahua was happy to see the passerby and hoped he would help. The man picked up the little dog and took him to the local shelter. He realized that the dog was just lost.

Despite being very emaciated, the dog turned out to be friendly and affectionate. The shelter workers first checked to see if she had a chip. It was there, and it said that the Chihuahua has owners.

And one more thing: the dog’s nickname was Alex. Shelter workers immediately contacted his owners and heard the details of a truly unusual story…

Alex’s owners live in the town of Maples, Florida, USA. It is exactly 400 kilometers to the place where they found the dog. The owners lost their pet six years ago!

The dog came into this family when he was a 2-month-old puppy. Then they had two owners and a faithful friend, a dog named Thunder. When this Thunder moved to live with his owners’ grandmother for a while, Alex became homesick. He dug a hole under the fence and through it escaped into the street. Apparently, he wanted to find his comrade Thunder.

Frustrated family members looked for Alex everywhere they could. They prayed for his speedy and safe return to them. But day after day, week after week, Alex was nowhere to be found. No one saw him anywhere. The owners’ hope of finding him faded month after month, year after year…

They no longer believed that the beloved would be found. And was he alive?

One late evening the phone rang at their house. The caller announced that he had been found… Alex! After six long years. And where he had been living all that time, nobody knew…

The family members were worried, not knowing how Alex would react to seeing them after such a long separation.

However, in the first seconds, the dog remembered everything in the house. And, of course, he recognized his owners. And they, unable to contain their joy, stood hugging dear Alex, and tears flowed from their eyes.

They no longer expected to ever see him, to embrace him.

But now they were all together. What could be more important in this situation?

Even the staff wiped away the tears that appeared in their eyes with their handkerchiefs, too. This proves once again that pets are real family members. Losing them is just as painful as losing people.

Nimble Alex came home and acted like he wasn’t going anywhere. He finally met up with his friend Thunder, too. In fact, Alex had been missing from him for six whole years.

And now Alex’s owners won’t let him out of their sight! And everything will be fine with them!

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The family wept as they held the skinny dog, who had been lost for six years. And yet the dog remembered them.
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