The dog was screaming in pain, not knowing yet that his owner had asked to put him to sleep

How can you do that 🥺😱
Jack is an adorable beagle who had an unfortunate accident. This sweet dog got into trouble and was brutally bitten by an attack dog. With bleeding wounds, he was taken to a clinic, not yet aware of the betrayal that awaited him…

Eyes full of pain…
Seeing the wounded dog, the doctors started to examine the dog. Jack whimpered in pain every time his wounds were touched. The poor dog’s whole body was covered with the bites some dog had given him during an attack. Fearful and in great pain, the beagle stared at people with eyes that showed incredible sadness and despair!

While his back was being shaved to treat his wounds, Jack almost cried from everything that was going on. Then it was time for the X-ray, which the vets were a little afraid of. People were very worried that the dog would end up bleeding internally. Fortunately, the doctors’ suspicions were not confirmed, and the examinations were over. Exhausted by pain, the dog couldn’t wait for this nightmare to stop as soon as possible…

But one mishap led to another…

While the dog was being handled by the clinic staff, Dr. Lindsay was on the phone with Jack’s owners. She could not believe her ears: people not only refused to accept the sobbing, pathetic dog, but also coldly offered to put him to sleep!

A second chance!
Of course, Dr. Jeff flatly refused to comply with this awful request. He always prefers to give an animal a second chance, even if the pet is very sick. In Jack’s case, he was sure that the dog would surely recover, he just needed a little more time!

In the meantime, the baby sat in a small cage, under the supervision of doctors. He howled in pain and loneliness, and when people approached him to pet him, the dog laid his face on the palm of his guest’s hand and looked with eyes that made him want to cry…

As he was recovering, the staff at the clinic hung his picture on the stand where there were pictures of animals who were ready for «adoption. Information about him was also posted on the Internet. Dr. Jeff said that this is the way it is always done when an owner indifferently gives up on a pet, and this system works perfectly!

And indeed: six weeks later, a miracle happened! Our hero not only recovered, but was in good hands! His wounds are almost healed and Jack has turned into a cheerful dog! He never tires of wagging his tail at the sight of his new owner, named Cliff, and the young man is very happy to have a wonderful four-legged friend in his home!

Looking at them, there is not the slightest doubt that these buddies have a complete understanding!

Well, we are sincerely thankful to Dr. Jeff for not being swayed by the previous miserable owner and saving the life of this nice doggie!

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The dog was screaming in pain, not knowing yet that his owner had asked to put him to sleep
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