Someone dropped off a strange, shaggy animal at the shelter. After a haircut, it turned out to be a cat.

On the morning of August 13, employees at the animal shelter in Douglas County, Nevada, found a carrier on the porch. The animal welfare workers quickly realized that the only possible explanation was that a poorly treated animal had been dumped there and it had happened on more than one occasion. So they took it inside and the contents really surprised them. Yes, it was an animal, but the condition of its fur was horrible, this tangled lump barely fit in the carrier. The workers assumed it was a dog and set out to rescue the animal.

At 5:30 a.m. on August 13, an unidentified man dropped a carrier on the porch of the animal shelter

Now the police are looking for this man

There was an extremely shaggy creature in the carrier. The workers thought it was a dog.

But they were wrong.

Shelter worker Liz Beregovich says the animal barely fit in the carrier. When they pulled it out and saw its face, everyone was very surprised. After all, it was a cat!

The shelter employee admits that she had never seen a cat in such a condition. He couldn’t even move.

The vets gave the cat an injection of sleeping pills, after which they cut off all this nightmare, which was about 2 kg of hair

This is what the cat looks like now. He is about 10 years old and was nicknamed Bob Marley for his love of dreadlocks.

And then another problem was discovered. The cat weighed about 10 kg (it seems that someone is facing a strict diet)

If the cat couldn’t move, obviously someone was feeding it. But why did that someone neglect the poor animal and why did they decide to get rid of it? Who was the person who dropped off the carrier: the cat’s owner, an acquaintance, or just a kind person? All this remains a mystery.

But Bob Marley was able to walk and run, and he loved it!

And on August 26, Bob Marley found a home and owners. We hope that all the worst is behind him, and now the cat will be happy.

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Someone dropped off a strange, shaggy animal at the shelter. After a haircut, it turned out to be a cat.
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