«Should You Have Had a Cat?» — 20 photos of the worst antics of furry miscreants

Let’s find out from the Internet which of the cat people is the least lucky to have a pet. Sometimes kitties do things that you can only feel sorry for their people! See for yourself.

Sixty seconds! In this house, you can no longer turn your back for 60 seconds!

Goodbye, Christmas tree. Goodbye, curtains. Here comes Chandler

This cat lives with two spouses. When they quarrel, he goes and pees on the husband’s laundry. You have already guessed which of the owners likes the cat more

This is what a furry fellow looks like, scurrying around the windows and walls until three in the morning, eating plants and yelling at closed doors. Tired, resting.

In the middle of the night, a sudden kick in the groin — it was my kitty practicing jumping off the door frame

So, have some pets after that.

My sister’s cat hates me. And this is how she looks when I take her owner’s place

He just sits there with a nonchalant look on his face and stares at me without looking away until I get up and feed him. It gets on my nerves terribly

I got a cat to hold her in my arms once in a while, but she is against it every time

In an effort to pet Kevin

Chuck professionally yells at night to ask for a late supper

Harley’s track record: torn shower curtains, window blinds, chewed cords and headphones

Why is our TV broken? Because we forgot to give the cat a second breakfast.

Why exactly at 5 a.m. does she suddenly want to be around?

Night bites and running

That’s what she’s all about.

At times like this, you wonder if you should have had a cat

We bought a chandelier for the house. The cat, unfortunately, noticed

Is that what cat weasels are?

We’ve seen this somewhere before. The axe is missing

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«Should You Have Had a Cat?» — 20 photos of the worst antics of furry miscreants
In rescuing this «monster,» they risked their lives because they did not know who was in front of them.