«Pick me!» A shelter cat jumped on a guy’s shoulders to be the one to be taken home!

The couple wanted to choose a kitty at the shelter, but one friendly cat ended up choosing his own owners!


A girl named Stephanie and her boyfriend came to a New York City shelter to adopt a new kitten. The point is that the guys lost their seven-year-old cat named Oliver about two months ago and missed him very much…

They had another cat living in their house, and the guy and girl thought he needed a new friend. The boys came to their senses after Oliver’s death for a while, and then they went to the shelter to get another cat.

When they got there, the young man decided to go into the cats’ room and see if any purr-friends would be bothering him. That’s when the big white cat showed up and brazenly climbed onto the stranger’s shoulder.


Stephanie even managed to capture that adorable moment when the cat rushed onto the boy’s neck and purred softly…

But the most amazing thing is that the cat’s name is also Oliver! They thought it was a sign from heaven and realized they had to have the cat as a family member.

Stephanie’s young man even took the day off work to help the cat get used to his new home. He spent most of the day hiding, but as soon as Stephanie returned from work, he immediately came out of hiding to say hello.

After that, the pet was no longer afraid and behaved very friendly. He rubbed his face on the legs and arms of his new owners, purring nonstop.


The red cat, who already lived with the boys, did not accept his companion at first, hissing at him. But very soon they sniffed each other and decided to live in peace and harmony.

Oliver realizes that he is home now. And although he still shudders at loud noises and sudden movements, he feels that he is loved and will never be hurt.


The boys confess they have never met a more affectionate pet than Oliver. The young people are sure they made the right choice!

The cat has a slight health problem, so the guys are giving him eye and ear drops. He will make a full recovery soon.

Recently, the cat got under the covers with his owners and started wandering back and forth, purring like a tractor. He did not know who to cuddle first, but it was felt that the pet loves both owners very much.

Oliver was now in good hands! A full and happy life awaits him in the future.

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«Pick me!» A shelter cat jumped on a guy’s shoulders to be the one to be taken home!
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