People rescued a horse that was barely breathing… The baby survived and turned into a beauty!

We have seen and heard many stories with happy endings in which the heroes rescued animals and literally transformed them. Such was the fate of Heidi the horse. Heidi was discovered on a municipal construction site in the UK in a terrible state and was then handed over to an animal shelter. The local workers were shocked when they saw the animal. It took them some time to realize just how beautiful she was.

When people accidentally stumbled upon a horse that appeared to have already taken its life, they contacted the animal welfare society. The volunteer who came to help thought the horse had already died. But later it turned out that the animal was still breathing. The animal advocate urgently called his colleagues for help.

The horse’s condition was so severe that it could not even stand up without help. Five volunteers worked together to lift it to take it to a local horse shelter called Here4Horses, where specialists will help the unfortunate animal.

The horse was named Heidi. In the first few days it was impossible to look at her without tears. The poor animal’s lean and dehydrated body was covered with sores and dirt. To restore the animal’s body, doctors transfused it with blood that had been taken from two horses.

When shelter workers trimmed the horse’s excess hair, it turned out that it was actually in a more emaciated and haggard state than they thought.

Thanks to the efforts of specialists, Heidi quickly began to recover and gain weight. In addition, the sores covering her body gradually began to heal.

Soon the horse began to sit up on its own and after a while even stood on its feet. After she got a little stronger, she began to walk in the yard of the shelter without the help of the staff.

Heidi is now running free in the fields and living life to the fullest.

Looking at this beautiful animal, it is hard to imagine that previously it was literally on the verge of death.

Volunteers who gave Heidi a second life recorded a video about the story of her recovery. The video shows how she is transformed from an unhappy animal into a gorgeous horse!

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People rescued a horse that was barely breathing… The baby survived and turned into a beauty!
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