Man and cat: who is master over whom

You perceive your pet as a part of the family: you arrange its personal space, entertain it, take care of it, feed it, adjust the home to its needs…

Remember how many times you have said to yourself (or even aloud): «It’s a pity cats can’t talk,» even though you often understand your pet without words.

Have you ever wondered how cats perceive you as people? Who you are to them?

There is still no definite answer, but if you judge by a number of signs, you will come to the conclusion that a human for a cat is more of a friend and provider or a big mother cat. Animals especially like to sleep near the chest of a human: the pounding of the heart and breathing reminds them of those moments of childhood that they spent curled up in a ball with their mother.

Does your cat have a habit of stomping on your chest? Probably yes, it’s again an instinct from childhood that lets you know that the cat sees you as a mother. Baby kittens stomp on their mother cat’s breast to stimulate milk production.

Despite the fact that the cat sees you as a big cat, sometimes it wants to motherly take care of you, and the animal wants to lick you. It is extremely important to keep a warm relationship with the animal, to accept its habits and peculiarities. When the cat expresses his affection in this way, and you push him away, it is perceived as a betrayal. Whether the animal will trust you and treat you as a mother or an adult cat, or whether you will be just an appendix to its territory, depends only on you and your behavior toward it.


One of the signs of a cat’s respect is when you appear near it, especially if you approach it, it rolls over on its back, yawns, stretches its legs, and wags its tail, this way it welcomes you and lets you know that it is friendly to you.

This behavior is typical for cats only in relation to very close people and animals

Especially appreciate if the cat lets you pet its belly — this is a sign of special trust. If the cat likes to rub up against you, especially when you come home after a long absence, it lifts its tail and maintains contact, it expresses its love, and lets you know that it perceives you as part of its territory. After all, it is a well-known and scientifically proven fact that cats are attached not only to a particular person, but also to the area (apartment / house). Not all animals behave in this way.


If your pet is like that, rejoice, he counts you among his pack. Otherwise, the cat just coexists with you, keeping you at a distance, letting himself be fed, and minimal grooming. Such animals have their own territory, such as a chair, and they do not need much tactile and mental contact with you. If you have several cats in your home, then, watching them, you can see a clear hierarchy. For example, a strong cat licks the weak cat, the first to take food, and can eat from someone else’s bowl. By no means try to change this.

You as a human can just give a little more warmth to the one who is lower in the hierarchy. After all, animal «rules» have been formed for thousands of years, and your interference will cause stress. Better make all the conditions in your apartment for two (and more) animals: it’s important that each has its own corner. When a family has one cat, but several owners, the animal will choose its own favorite. This will be someone who doesn’t make her uncomfortable or cause her stress: she can sit on your lap, raise her voice, or cuddle you when she doesn’t want him to. Animals have a very good memory, and can remember an insignificant detail for the person, and because of this dislike him.

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Man and cat: who is master over whom
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